Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Whitlock-Style Loops with a Pyramid Fartlek


Nine veterans posted this morning at RAMM for an F3 group run. Johnsonville (YHC) planted a SF, gave a very very brief disclaimer and articulated the morning’s agenda as well he could. He directed men to run counterclockwise around the city block on which Mary Munford ES lies. The first loop was to be a mosey. Successive loops would be mosey-speed too except as follows:

2 – fast along straightaway 1
3 – fast along straightaway 1 and 2
4 – fast along straightaway 1-3
5 – fast along straightaway 1-4
6 – mosey loop (recovery)
7 – fast along straightaway 1-4
8 – fast along straightaway 1-3
9 – fast along straightaway 1 and 2
10- fast along straightaway 1



Ed Whitlock, the Canadian who broke 3:00 in a marathon in is 70s and who holds countless equally impressive running records, died earlier this month. If you have not heard about Mr. Whitlock or contemplated his achievements, this Runner’s World obit a good place to start — http://www.runnersworld.com/ed-whitlock/masters-marathon-legend-ed-whitlock-dies-at-86.

One interesting fact about Mr. Whitlock is contained within this quote from Runner’s World:

As for simplicity, Whitlock did practically all of his training in 5-minute perimeter loops of the Milton Evergreeen Cemetery, a short jog from his house. When asked why he chose that venue for training runs of up to four hours, Whitlock replied, “I would prefer not to run around in small circles day after day, but overall, taking everything into account, it sort of suits me. If it’s windy, I don’t have to face the wind for too long at any one time. If something happens, I can be home immediately. There’s nothing perfect in this world.”

We did not entirely embrace Mr. Whitlock’s simplicity, but we did stay contained within a .75 loop. YHC was very grateful for that as waves of nausea came upon me late in the run — it was a short walk back to the SF. The fartleks also pressed YHC to sustain a stronger sustained pace at times.

No one reached the burpee-fest stage. Rosie pushed way out in front this morning. I believe he completed loop 8, but he is invited to correct me on that. Saab, Lab Rat, and several others elected to stay back from him, instead carrying an unrelenting dialog. They did, however, finish very strong.

We were fortunate to have barely missed the buckets of rain predicted to fall in RVA today.

Thank you for coming out this moring and for permitting me to throw out something a little bit different. Don’t worry Lab Rat, I will not try to force small loops upon you on Sunday!

COT with YHC taking us out

-LabRat is leading an effort to expand F3 to Charlottesville. He has the organizational aspects well in hand, but needs us to help find leaders and a PAX there. Search your contacts please.
-Ashcake 5k is coming up. We are trying to field a big F3RVA group. Specify “F3RVA” when you register.
-April 15 – 2.0 Scavenger Hunt @ GridIron, Q’d by Jville & Earthworm. Family friendly. LOMLs welcome to attend and/or workout with us.
-New Bootcamp (#TwinTeam) commencing 4/7 at Bettie Weaver ES in Midlo. #RiverRun will revert to a run, as its name demands
-Wed hill is permanent.

Kind regards, Johnsonville


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  1. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Nice change of pace, Jville. Taxicab asked me at the beginning of the run if I preferred bootcamps or running. On that last lap I told him bootcamps. Those sprints will get ya!

  2. Don’t like these at NoToll, really hated this. Good push on these though to help us get faster.

  3. Way to mix it up a little Jville. My legs were tired at the start and completely shot at the end.

  4. Nice run today, even better company. Love any chance to mix it up with the great characters that make up the Mary Munford running squad.

    If anybody would like to see how my seat folds up in the Ridgeline, just ask.

  5. Proceed with caution. If Lab Rat offers a live action demonstration, you may get more than you bargained for.

  6. The creepier part may be how well BT knew the 10 vehicles that were “comfortable”, do we need rental car receipts from all his recent travel?