Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Slaying the SadClown


Wild Thing started us off this AM as 18 brothers in arms rose up and posted at Rise and Shine.

Wild Thing reminded us about our discussion on the SadClown and the reasons as we POGO and struggle through life.  He gave us a reminder of the difference of being alone and being isolated.  He through quite the beat down when he read from Freed to Lead – “Calling your wife your best friend is a true and dangerous OprahBomb – sweet and high-sounding on the surface, but gritless underneath” and “men don’ know how to make friends.” Chatter rose on that reading.

Discussion then went to talk about “workouts” are not the only answer.  If so, we would see Jesus doing a workout in the Bible.  So, how do we promote times for men to come together and what are the elements that need to be there to make it truly happen. That was the meat of the conversation.

Parts of Ecclesiastes 4 where read as a Biblical description of the SadClown.  Highlights: 

1b – 3: I saw the tears of the oppressed—
    and they have no comforter;
power was on the side of their oppressors—
    and they have no comforter.
And I declared that the dead,
    who had already died,
are happier than the living,
    who are still alive.
But better than both
    is the one who has never been born,
who has not seen the evil
    that is done under the sun.

There was a man all alone;
    he had neither son nor brother.
There was no end to his toil,
    yet his eyes were not content with his wealth.
“For whom am I toiling,” he asked,
    “and why am I depriving myself of enjoyment?”
This too is meaningless—
    a miserable business!

Two are better than one,
    because they have a good return for their labor:
10 If either of them falls down,
    one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls
    and has no one to help them up.
11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
    But how can one keep warm alone?
12 Though one may be overpowered,
    two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

The Pax provided great discussion on what we can do and settled on two.  Two ideas to start and then to move forward and be like a dart.  Needing to make this happen 4A and Hurler took to Service Saturdays. In hope for us to connect and bring sun rays.  Wanting to capitalize on recent experiences, Worm and Butterfly, choose to see Hometown Hikes take hold.  This we believe will make friendships worth more than gold.

Announcements –

Rider is doing well and getting some good therapy – but still needs our prayers

Ben Collie as he sees and journeys on his path

May 21st – Ashcreek 5K


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  1. Good progress on Slaying the SadClown. But for great things to happen, work must be done. Let’s go and make it happen!