Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

RiverRun returns and TwinTeam begins


As announced over the past week or so, starting April 3, Monday RiverRun will go back to being a run as its name demands.  Last May this AO started as a run for BRR prep.  After the BRR we kept it around to explore the AO as a bootcamp.  This proved to be a huge AO with plenty of options and also Honeymoon’s introduction of Murph Mondays, soon to be Fridays.

The regulars, with input from some newcomers and Corporate, have decided to keep the AO but move the bootcamp to Fridays.  This will give runners a new spot to hit on Mondays with some of the best (long or steep, pick  your poison) hills in RVA.  It will also give the non-runners another option for Fridays, especially those with dogs and kids to deal with in the mornings.

TwinTeam will start next Friday 4/7.  See you in the Gloom



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  1. The Carpenter on

    Great news. Every new AO opens the door for more men to engage and grow in strength & friendships.