Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Glory; No Old Glory; Angry Jville; No Angry Jville (Yet)


Seventeen of our finest posted at NoToll this morning. The weather was perfect, rain setting in just after our COT broke. Johnsonville planted a SF, took the Q (happily), and this is what went down, more or less:


25x hillbillies
25x ssh-burpees (its right out of the F3 exercise manual a’la South Carolina)
25x LBCs

Line Up single file for a feigned Old Glory.
Native American Run to soccer fields and 2x laps around fields with flag carrier remaining at front, and men rotating up about every 20 or so seconds to accept and carry the flag. Plant flag inside front soccer field.

COP around flag
Single count merican ladder from 10 to 1 alternating between wide grip, regular, and diamond. Pan PAX.
Single count merican ladder back up. Pan PAX.

Line up on sideline for Elevens laterally across field with Lt. Dans and WWI situps.

COP around flag
20x pole smoker / heels to heaven in cadence
17x 8 count body builder burpees pan PAX

Return SF to parking area
10x American hammers (slow cadence)

COT with Loose Goose taking us out.

-UPDATE: New Bootcamp (#TwinTeam) commencing 4/7 at Bettie Weaver ES in Midlo. #RiverRun will revert to a run, as its name demands
-April 15 – 2.0 Scavenger Hunt Workout @ GridIron, Q’d by Jville & Earthworm. There will be a mix of Christian Easter themes and spring themes. We are bending the F3 rules for this special event to make it family friendly. LOMLs are welcome to attend, workout, and enjoy cofeeteria with us.
-LabRat is leading an effort to expand F3 to Charlottesville. This effort will require (i) finding motiviated leaders there, and (ii) support on a number of levels by F3 RVA. For now, LabRat needs help identifying potential leaders in Charlottesville.


I got a little worried that it was going to be a lonely week when only 2 cars were at NoToll at 0527. But, thankfully, a crowd arrived over the course of the remaining 150 or so seconds, and we took it from there. Wilson arrived driving a sweet TransAm. Nice!

I thought of doing 365 hillbillies, since hi-reps are the “in-thang”, but I lost courage. Or maybe I just decided to save them for WDog. We’ll see. Feigning an Old Glory was fun.

Things got downright hazy for me somewhere in that workout — I think during the merican ladder. Did I miss any exercises in the list above? The workout looks skinny on paper, but it hurt pretty bad.

I did have to flip-flop the configuration of the elevens right after it commenced because I wanted the Lt. Dans to increase in intensity. That led to some confusion and complaints from those who had already knocked out 3-5 Lt. Dans, but those aggrieved stopped short of outright mutiny. YHC is grateful.

Oyster carried the flag in this morning, flexing his impressive short-distance speed. He may be able to smoke me at any distance, but I know he would humiliate me over 100m or less.

Thank you to Loose Goose for a well-spoken prayer this morning to close us out. Thank you to all for showing up (whew!) and for the opportunity to lead NoToll this morning.

Sincerely, Johnsonville

Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. James 3:13


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  1. Great Q, JVille. The write up may appear lean, but the 11’s took their toll…and more than 10 minutes. The Merkin circle hurt…real bad…especially after The Murph at River Run yesterday. Beautiful morning. Thanks for leading. Good to see Sin Bin out again!

  2. Great work JVille! I was surprised you needed to be coaxed into doing your hillbilly dance, but once you got going it was as epic as usual.

  3. I’ll second Viral’s lauding of the hillbilly dance. It’s gotten past “WTF is he doing” to an expected familiar part of your Q repertoire.

    The beatdown this morning was definitely a good one. I can already tell that I will be very sore. LT Dans for lower body and the Merkin Circle for upper body pain. Well done!

  4. Great Q Jville! There may not have been an Old Glory but there was a lot of glory in that beat down nonetheless. Thanks for taking and maintaining the lead throughout the workout (even during attempted mutiny).

    Great job by the Pax today! That was a lot of fun!


  5. Nice Q J-ville. The feigned Old Glory Indigenous People Run with Old Glory leading the way was a great start. I think an F3 team doing a 5K, 10K or 1/2 marathon (cause I can’t conceive of any farther yet) in that style, would be awesome!

    And, no matter how skinny today’s workout may appear, it brought the pain and punishment in a big way. Well done.

    Also, great to see the numbers increasing at NoToll as the Spring weather sets in.

  6. JVille – you know how to bring the beating! Well done. The 11’s were tough! For the record, 1997 C5 Corvette with LS4 6.7L V8 was the ride! 🙂

  7. Nice work J-Ville

    I am truly grateful to be apart of this group. IT feels great to be alive again!!

    See you in the Gloom