Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Frank Abagnale’s Grandmother


9 stallions posted for a Tuesday morning spider run.  70 and sunny as always

The Thang:

6 milers head up the hill to the main entrance and make a loop on campus.  Take the back entrance out of UR, through the shopping center, over the bridge, west on Riverside, 4 milers turn at park, all others proceed west until you hit Cherokee and turn back around and head back to the lake.


1 year anniversary of Spider Run.  In my humble opinion this is the best road running venue we have in Richmond.  There are so many options at Spider run that we rarely do the same route more than a couple of times.  If we do, there always seems to be a twist to the run.  Today was no different.  The fast runners did a 8/10 of a mile hilly run before setting out to catch up with the rest of the PAX.  Every time a PAX member was caught, he owed 5 burpees at the finish.  YHC  forgot to do my 15 punishment burpees at the end, so pounded them out at the office this morning.

Great to see Circle K out for the first time at Spider run.  He and Pucker were leading the 5 milers for most of the run.  Circle K was really focused on making sure he had his headlight on this morning.  So much so that he did not focus on his keys.  Both his keys and his phone were inside the car so he was temporarily stuck.  He hitched a ride to his wife’s office so he could borrow her car and rescued his car via locksmith because for some reason, he does not have a spare key.  Much cheaper to pay $50 to unlock the key than to dole out the $1.49 for a spare key or two.  Just saying.

One modern day problem that he had as well was the lack of phone.  He had many phones to borrow to make a call, but because all the numbers are saved in the phone, the only one he knew was his spouses’. So, he couldn’t call his office or anyone else to help him.  Good lesson for all of us.  Learn a few phone numbers in case you ever need a lifeline (I still have not programmed Bleeder’s number into my phone for that reason alone)

Singer continues to hone his running skills.  When he asked me this morning about the five mile route, I kept giving him the directions for the four.  It took me until the halfway point to realize he was in fact going to do the five mile route.  He rocked it today, pumping in 5+ miles for the first time at F3?  He has the Monument Ave 10k on his calendar for the weekend.  Good luck Singer…..

Saab was flying this morning and lapped everyone…..except.  That is right, Bleeder.  He nearly caught up to Bleeder on the last stretch.  But once Bleeder saw him, he turned on his short stint jets and sprinted for the last quarter mile.  Dude has sprinting wheels.  Saab was on a mission.  He caught up to the five milers at the turnaround point.  Thats right he did 3.6 miles in the time it took us to do 2.7.  Ridiculous.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for YHC today.  Humbled by the number of birthday wishes in person, tweet, email, and text that I received.  Great to have so many great friends out there.  Thanks.  P.S.  This will be my last birthday.  54 is far old enough!



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  1. Great run to day gentleman. Everybody pushed themselves.

    Locking your keys in the car is not the perfect start to the day, but at least I got a good run in with the fellas.

    Happy BDAY TYA.

  2. Dude, it’s a good thing that BIG Tennessee talked about Sanford and Son this morning, specifically so that I can say: “Circle K, you big dummy!”

    Way to Go, Singer! Rock that race this weekend!

  3. Wedding Singer on

    Not going to lie, that felt like a LONG 5 miles. Thought I wouldn’t make it. Thanks for coming back to get me TYA. I was actually closer to my home than the AO for a portion of the run, thought about just up and trekking it there at the halfway point. Running across the bridge that I drive over every day was a great feeling.

  4. Nice work gents. I need to make it out to a Spider Run one day when you guys are running this bridge-route. Sounds great.

    Way to go Singer. Kill that 10K man.

    Happy birthday TYA — I hope I have half your strength and energy at 54 (or, shit, tomorrow)

  5. Agreed Singer. That stretch from the end of the bridge to the turnaround at Cherokee seemed neverending. I convinced myself that we must be running a loop that would put us back on Huguenot at the end of the bridge somehow rather than turning around. A little disheartening to turn around and realize Saab had already caught us.

  6. Thanks also goes out to Pucker and TYA for transportation assistance before and after Pop a Lock.

  7. Singer: Best wishes for the 10k…way to train strong dude.

    Bleeder: I haven’t seen anyone move that fast since I saw Fudd looking for a place to drop a soft serve

    Splinter and Marv: You were right behind me…way to work.

    TYA: Great way to take us out today…kind words toward others is sometimes overrated. Relieved you are still older than me.


  8. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Saab, thanks for the reminder about the prayer at the end. That was as bumbling as it could be. I was trying to urge myself to forgive someone and had a hard time saying it because I’m not really ready yet. Tough for me to say something I don’t mean… hence the stuttering and incoherence

  9. Did someone slight TYA? Did they micturate on your rug? This aggression will not stand man. Let’s leave the apologies to Lab Rat.

  10. Happy Birthday TYA! Nice morning for a river crossing run regardless of where you crossed the river- downtown or further west.

  11. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great BB – looks like a fantastic run – well done guys – man I miss being there this workout was full of great stuff !!!!
    Happy Birthday my friend!

  12. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Really hated to miss this run. Happy birthday, TYA. And with Circle K and EF Hutton making the trip I really missed out.