Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



12 wayward souls emerged from the fartsack and posted for a Thursday morning beatdown.  Last vestiges of winter were apparent.

The Thang:

COT (take out by YHC), 6 minutes of Mary, backwards run to the tomato haven.  Double triple check, run to fence and back twice, balls to the wall,  and LBC’s  Mosey to the tennis courts.  Elevens.  First round jump squats and merkins, second round burpees and WWII setups.  Second round instead of running from end to end, run 1/2 way, bear crawl the rest of the way, run 1/2 way back and crab walk to the line.  Mosey to end of tennis courts for COP.  Imperial walkers, Freddy Mercuries, and SSH, disclaimer and back to the flag.


YHC had many ideas for a beatdown this morning, most involving going off campus, but opted for a backwards workout this morning.  Many of the PAX picked up on the theme right after we had a COT  to begin, others did not get the theme until YHC did the disclaimer and SSH at the very end of the workout.  I won’t mention that the PAX member who is usually the most vocal members was one of the PAX that didn’t figure it out until the end.

Flipper is on a high.  Dude is smiling from ear to ear every time you see him.  His best buddy is back in town and the new head coach of VCU and that has a bounce in his step.  Every time I looked at him, I thought he had something he wanted to share.  No, that was not it, he was just happy.  His happiness has also made him faster.  He crushed the second set of 11’s lapping each and every PAX member.  Great work Flip Dog.

Great to have Donor Kebob back out at a Mary workout.  One of the old negative things about the growth of F3RVA is that you don’t get to see some of the regular PAX as much as before.  I had not run into DK at a workout for months.  Two things of note for DK this morning.  He was our spotter for the International Space Station as it passed by this morning and was visible for a few minutes. Truly cool to see that.  Second, DK sold his old Jetta.  Yes, the one that had a very unique sound as it pulled up.  He would have had Swirly confused when he pulled in (unless Swirly already knew about DK’s new ride).


3rd F opportunity with Lab Rat on Sunday.  See his pre blast.

Wilson’s gold tourney coming up.  Help a brother out if you can.

Lunches today at Pops and Whole Foods.


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  1. Yeah, I missed the theme….just took it as one of TYA’s numerous oddities (most of which I love). I picked up on the clues, as in “next exercise is”…just didnt piece it together. Fun workout, though.

    My apologies to everyone I crop dusted this morning, quite possibly including the tomatoes. Lab Rat had issues.

  2. Wish I could’ve stayed with the theme and headed back home to the fartsack afterward.

  3. Döner Kebab on

    Fun Backwards workout this morning, TYA…and very fun to be back at 45MOMM. What a beatdown. you know you’re getting your butt kicked when you’re looking forward to the burpees…crabwalking those tennis courts was For Real.

    Glad to share the ISS whereabouts with the RVA PAX. It doesn’t emit any lights visible to Earth, Flashdance…the reason we can see it is the same reason we can see the moon.

    I sold the Passat…not a Jetta…and after speaking to Bleeder after the beatdown, I regret not asking him if he was interested in buying it for its V6, 5-speed, German power to race the sh*t out of it…that would have been a sight!

  4. Yeah, today was tough. The 11’s combo was a beast of it’s own. At first I thought running the courts twice was gonna be the worst. NOPE! Well done by THE Yankee Aggressor! #FEBA

  5. I am the guy who didn’t figure out the Usual Suspects until Verbal Kent was walking down the street so you can imagine that when TYA did his SSHs it was as if this was the GREATEST PLOT TWIST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. !AYT, krow eciN

    DK, truly bummed about the VW, that would have made an Epic Crap Can Racer!