Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tire Flippin Fun


The gloom of SOT brought 5 gritty F3 veterans out to get better and stronger on a beautiful 50 degree morning.  YHC showed up a little early to “make sure the track was still there.”


Slow mosey 1 lap around the track and stop at the paved shot put area.  Warm up with SSH, DQ, Copperhead Squat, Arm Circles, and Freddie Mercuries.

Tire Flippin’ Fun

2 men on the tractor tire, flip up to 8 times.  Other 3 do box cutters, hand release merkins and squats.  Rotate 1 man at a time after set # of flips completed.  2 rounds

More Tire Flippin’ Fun

Mosey to the track entrance where there were stacks of smaller truck tires.  Everyone grab their own, flip it to the track.  Pause for Mary, LBC, Heels to Heaven (Homer to Marge for Honeymoon in NC).  Flip your tire back to the starting point and return it to it’s home.

Up to the tennis courts.  Partner up.  P1 Bear crawl to net and back, P2 burpees.  P1 Lunge to net and back, P2 Dollies; P1 Crab Walk to net and back, P2 Monkey Humpers.  2 rounds of each.

Down to the hill beside the courts – Triple Nickel.  Run backwards up the hill, 5 Moses Malones forward down the hill, 5 merkins.  Repeat 3x

Ring of Fire – Hold Al Gore, 5 shoulder presses w/ tire, Round 2 10 presses.

One Lap around the track to close it out.

Announcements –

Golf – Wilson 5/19

RiverRun AO change – Rosie, more info to come soon


When Wilson and Honeymoon pulled up in the ‘Vette, YHC was coming back from the track.  After catching YHC checking out the track and the initial lap the PAX may have assumed a run heavy workout.  Not so, although my legs feel like it was.  YHC needed to make sure the tires were still around and accessible to make sure everything would work according to plan.  Glad I had Carmen San Diego flipping the tractor tire with me, seems we may have found his F3 super power.  McRib and Honeymoon, 2 SOT tire flipping virgins were surprised by the weight on their first round but quickly regrouped and modified as needed (Honeymoon reciting the disclaimer to the hecklers).

Wilson’s 4th F was in full effect all over the AO today, maybe the weight of the tires pushed it out but maybe it’s time to try some probiotics, mix in a yogurt every now and then?

I hope the PAX enjoyed the curveball, WDog has sandbags but SOT has the Tractor Tire and now many smaller tires that can be put to good use.  Carmen reminded us that a tire, when placed on its side, rolls  and makes movement easier than flipping…maybe next time.

Well done today gentlemen.  Until next time.


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  1. Very creative Q today Rosie. My legs feel it! I agree Carmen SanDiego is a beast on the tire.

  2. That was a great flippin Q Rosie! My back and legs are feeling it. I was surprised at how flippin heavy that tractor tire was. Thanks for leading and pushing the Pax for the 2nd day in a row.

    Fun times as usual at SOT.


  3. “WDog has sandbags but SOT has the Tractor Tire”

    Don’t bet your reputation on that quote.

  4. Some were from Good Year, some from Dunlop, but the favorite was from BF Goodrich!