Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy Birthday / Happy Beatdown


6 troopers threw their cars into parking spots in the front of Washington Henry elementary school, opened the doors, took out their kettle bells and launched into a F3 birthday beatdown this morning in the gloom. The fun-filled activities went something like this…

Mosey to school entrance for COP all IC

5 merkins, 30 invisible jumpropes, 5 merkins, 20 copperhead squats, 5 merkins, 20 don quixotes, 5 merkins, arm circles (10 big / 5 small – reverso), 5 merkins, 10 sit-up presses with kbs, 5 merkins, 10 american hammers, 5 merkins

Mosey to the parking lot

Swing & Goblet Squat Ladder

Circle up. 10 two-hand kettlebell swings / 10 goblet squats, 10 swings / 9 goblet squats… ladder down until you perform 10 swings / 1 goblet squat

Sit-Up and Go

Pair up. One partner does sit-up presses while the other walks around the bus loop with kettlebell raised high. Continue until each goes around the bus loop 2x.

The Beast Mother

Circle up. Start with two reps each on both sides and add two reps and repeat until you peak at 8 reps on both sides for the following: One arm swing, Clean & Press, Snatch, Front squat to press

Sit-Up and Go

Pair up. One partner does sit-up presses while the other walks around the bus loop with kettlebell raised high. Continue until each goes around the bus loop 2x.

Goblet Squat & Swing Ladder

Circle up. 10 goblet squats / 10 two-hand kettlebell swings, 10 goblet squats / 9 swings… ladder down until you perform 10 goblet squats / 1 kettlebell swings

The Beast Mommy – smaller version of The Beast Mother

Complete two reps each on both sides for the following: One arm swing, Clean & Press, Snatch, Front squat to press.

15 merkins IC to finish

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


YHC woke up this morning and remembered the nervous feeling that he had ONE YEAR ago (3/22/16) when he arrived at DaVille for his first F3 workout. That morning was a glorious beatdown. YHC remembers feeling beat up and thinking, “This is awesome!”

This morning, the PAX rolled in right before 5:30 am and reflected on the 30 degree difference from the previous week. YHC then shared how honored that he was to be a part of the F3 team and how it was his F3 birthday. YHC then said, “Happy Birthday? Happy Beatdown! Turn to the guy next to you and wish him a Happy Beatdown!” The PAX obliged and blessed the man next to him with words of pain.

Onto the fight… YHC did some research for some kb new exercises/sequences and put them into play this morning. The PAX pushed through them and encouraged each other along the way. Mudface coached the PAX on form and Helix showed how to get it done by taking zero shortcuts.

The mumble chatter was light. The PAX was surprised that there were no SSHs. Those will be coming in the days ahead…

The response to “The Beast Mother” was priceless. YHC shared that he did not want to inadvertently bring up bad memories of mothers but that the exercise would do it on its own. This brought a groan from the PAX. YHC then shared that even if though wasn’t a certified trainer he was a certified pastor who could offer counseling to anyone with mother issues. YHC was open and said that he would have a harder time counseling on father issues since he is still working through those in his life too…

The mix of exercises kept the PAX challenged and invigorated. The PAX didn’t move around a lot but that allowed for more lifts and a Happy Beatdown!

YHC enjoyed his one year F3 birthday this morning and he is greatly looking forward to Q’ing “The Shining (Third F at Rise & Shine Diner) tomorrow morning, The Creek on Friday and definitely Dogpile on Saturday. Dogpile is the Super Bowl of AO’s for F3RVA and YHC anticipates very little sleep on Friday night as he anticipates the fun fest on Saturday morning.

I can’t even begin to express how much F3 has meant to me this past year. I have faced some significant life challenges in the past 12 months but the F3 workouts helped me push through those. I have received strength from the camaraderie and friendships in ways that I wouldn’t have expected when I started. I can’t thank all of you enough for your encouragement and challenges in the past year. Let’s keep pressing on, brothers!

Happy Birthday! Happy Beatdown!

See you on Saturday morning (if not sooner!)

The Carpenter


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  1. Happy F3 BDAY The Carpenter. It has been a pleasure doing SSH with you this past year. (Not really, b/c I hate SSH)

  2. The Carpenter on

    Thanks, Circle K! Everyone has their favorite exercise… We should develop the Side Straddle Suicide for the PAX…

  3. What a great year! Thanks for an excellent anniversary beatdown The Carpenter. The F3 guys have also pulled, lifted, and pushed me through life-changing challenges this year and made me come out the other side stronger (instead of in mangled pieces). Many thanks!

  4. Awesome beat down, per usual. One can always count on The Carpenter to lead and encourage a workout that pushes to the limit, and leaves us feeling like we are better than before (or will be after the bruises heal – I am still working on proper kettlebell snatch form).