Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gonna Fly Now


Seven of the faithful stayed huddled in their cars until 5:29:58, then jumped out ready to make a downpainment. Johnsonville (YHC) took the Q, and, after a brief but thorough disclaimer, this is what went down:


Warmup with SSH, don quiote, merkins, scissor kicks, etc.

Longish Indian Run out past JR High School and around to football stadium.

Fourties with merkins and mt. climbers. Run up stadium stairs to the top, across, and back down between each exercise.

3x 440m repeats on track at target pace of 1:30 (alternative exercise for 75x LBCs).

Repeat Indian Run back to VSF.

2 Minutes of Mary consisting of American Hammers, crab cakes, single leg Alabama prom dates right, single leg Alabama prom dates left, and Alabama prom dates.


Under consideration is a proposal to start a new Friday bootcamp at or near Bettie Weaver ES and revert RiverRun back to a (mostly) running workout. The main drivers of these changes are (i) that there is not a practical bootcamp option for Southsiders on Friday (the Creek, unfortunately, being too far for many of us who must get kids to school), (ii) there are several great bootcamp options (the Punisher and Batteau within a reasonable distance) for those that prefer a Monday bootcamp, and (iii) the Salisbury / JR High School area is undoubtedly the best running venue in the Richmond area, if not the entire US. Contact Rosie if you feel strongly about this proposal one way or another.

Murph Monday at RiverRun next week.

There are several group running events coming up.

COT with YHC taking us out.


There were more than several discussions about Duke faltering and UVA getting just absolutely humiliated. YHC is getting nervous, having dissuaded my 11 year old from picking South Carolina to go all of the way.

There was a hard frost last night, and it was cold. Mr. Roper threatened to come out of winter hibernation. Then, after realizing it would be below freezing, he adjusted his sights to Tuesday.

Flipper was expected to also remain in hibernation until the climate became a bit more agreeable. However, to the delight of all, he appeared at the JR HS track well into the workout. We were a good distance from the VSF, and I am impressed that he could track down the PAX. He said he could hear our footfalls on the metal bleachers (I think, by that, he is suggesting that we are fat).

The 1:30 target pace on the 440s was a little aggressive, but not too far off. Rosie could hit it, and several others were very close. Repeats suck, but they are effective. I suggest that we incorporate them regularly at Riverrun.

Strong showing this morning! Thanks for the opportunity to lead.



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  1. Never bet against them Cocks! Go Gamecocks! (even if it is to the detriment of my own bracket)

  2. Nice job Jville! Thank you for the extended disclaimer this AM as there were times during the workout where I thought I heard the grim reaper calling…especially during those 440s….then again I may have just heard the void left behind from the lack of Wilsons flatulence. Nonetheless, I was sufficiently smoked after all of that running. I can’t think of a better way to start the week than at RR.

    Thanks for leading Jville and great job by all.

    Til next time


  3. Well done Jville, 440 repeats are hateful but a great way to push the speed and get the heartrate going. You know, SOT has a track for those too…
    Didn’t hear anything from DK about vertigo on these bleachers, maybe the lack of a black line on each step and bright moonlight helped.

  4. Nice work men! Sorry I missed it…ok, well I’m not that sorry that I missed the 440s. That will spoil some Gumbo in a hurry. See you next week for Murph Monday.