Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rainout Route


5 hearty souls failed to look out the window before deciding to run this morning.  Trails were deemed too nice to ruin, so the Q took the pax on an alternate journey, saving the trails for fairer weather:

Route:  Boulevard to Buttermilk trailhead, down to the river and along the access road.  Take the bridge to Belle Isle, loop around the island and head back to the truck via Riverside Drive.  Right at 7 miles.

NMS:  Saab and TYA had visions of another double digit trail day, but finally gave in to the idea that maybe…..just maybe a shorter run might be the better call in order to let their bodies heal from the grueling mileage they did last week.  Saab however looked no worse for the wear, ready to tackle (with gusto) any hill we came upon.

Great to see Offshore back out, deciding that pain while running is better than pain while not running.  When YHC told him how happy he was to see him back out on Sunday, he replied “I was here last week.  Remember, you said you were going to come then didnt?”  Touche.  Still, YHC has missed him.

Also, welcome to the Sunday group to Taxi Cab….who may have also posted before without YHC’s knowledge.  Lab Rat has made many claims in his day…..all knowing has never been one of them.  Taxi is upping his weekly mileage to get ready for Smoky Mtn relay.  Hopefully, we can get him hooked on the beauty that is trail running in that time and have another regular on our hands.

TYA’s heart grew 3 sizes when we returned to the trailhead and the same 5 vehicles were in the parking lot….all belonging to F3 runners.

All hands on deck for ET’s this morning.  Conversations revolved around many topics as usual, most notable topic to other pax members would be our possible future workings with the Sportables team.

Lab Rat apologizes.


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  1. Getting thrown off our usual routine resulted in a nice change of pace today and a great opportunity to hit some hills. Enjoyed the conversation both during and post run. Although there was dissension in the ranks at times, I appreciated the “democratic” process exercised as we adjusted the route along the way…