Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pirates, slavery, snakes… oh yea, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Several late PAX members rolled in right at 5:30a. HPC started the workout as the last door opened.

Mosey around the church. STOP! Pirates! – 6 Burpees on the way commemorating the 6 years Patrick spent in slavery after being captured by YHCrish pirates. Continue to parking lot near pavilion.


St Pat’s day is always the 17, so:

  • 17x SSH
  • 17x LBC
  • 17x Copperhead Squats
  • 17x Hillbillies
  • 17x Leprechaun Jacks! (crowd favorite)

Due to the fact that Patrick lived 1600 years ago, some of the facts may be lore or symbolic.  There is a legend that he chased all the snakes from YHCreland.  This may have been an allegorical reference to the Pagan culture that he drove from the island.  To celebrate this we did a Bear Crawl Snake from the COP to the Thang.

The Thang

Four corners were our lucky four-leaf clover today.  Exercises were 16 merkin, 30 LBC, 16 Mt. Climbers (2 count), 30 Freddy Mercury’s (2 count).  Numerical significance? He was captured at age 16.  After returning to YHCreland he served there for 30 years.  3 circuits for the 3 times Patrick was captured.  Not a very lucky guy!

Mosey back to the parking lot near pavilion for Burpee Suicides.  Link to St. Patrick fail!  2 Burpees on each of 4 lines out and back.

Still some time remaining. Mosey to the pavilion for Lindsays with Dips and Step Ups.

Mosey back to shovel flag spot for Ring of Fire of WW2 KB Presses while PAX does Leg Lift Holds (6 inches).  Another bit of St. Patrick lore is that

Numberama, Namorama

Opus took us out.


This was YHC’s VQ and was definitely EH’d into doing one before April (personal goal).  YHC spent much of his prep time wading through the interwebs for the most accurate/dependable/consistent information about St. Patrick’s life.  YHC probably will be less committed to a theme next time.

Spit posting for Wheelie



  1. Thanks to all who emerged from the fart sack to participate on a history lesson with a workout for my VQ. Special TCs to Hardywood and Toga for helping to keep the overachievers busy. Great work PAX!

  2. Solid VQ and Welcome to ByProduct! I think you guys need to start a clothing drive to help Hardywood.