Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Let’s Fix those Soccer Arms


Six of the faithful posted at CircusMaximus on this cold morning, kettlebells in hand. Johnsonville took Q, gave a stark disclaimer, and the took the pax through a workout along these lines:


warmup with random numbers of ssh, don quiote, imperial walkers, mericans, lbcs

mosey to northwest corner of school
quick COP arm circles
elevens consisting of KB swings, run about 50m, pole smokers
plank sequence

mosey counterclockwise to faculty parking area southwest of school. waive to police officer
elevens consisting of lawn mower pulls (each arm counted separately) and WWII situp with KB press
WhiteDeer led plank sequence with mericans

mosey counterclockwise around school to southeast corner around back
elevens consisting of merican rows and balls to the wall

mosey back to VSF

COT; YHC took us out with a prayer


There was not much leg action in this workout, but it was fairly hard on upper body and core. I had trouble driving home, longing for one those 1980s old-man Cryslers that you can steer with one finger. At least I don’t have a manual transmission.

I thought about doubling up the merican rows by having each arm counted separately. That would have been a bad idea. Combining those with balls to the wall was pretty aweful.

As usual, WhiteDeer did a ton of talking for about 5 minutes, but fell silent after the first challenging set of exercises. Well, to be fair, he made a lot of noise during the last 40 minutes, just not with his mouth.

Great job this morning, men! Jville

— See Wilson for info on his charity golf tournament. Thanks to all who have donated or signed up so far.
— You have until noon to sign up for the F3RVA Bracketology. Sign up before noon and get me the cash whenever. http://f3nation.com/2017/03/14/f3-rva-bracketology/


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  1. Nice job Jville! My shoulders and arms are crushed. That last 11s was tough and I for one am thankful you chose to do single instead of double rows.

    Thanks for leading and great job to those that braved the cold this am.


  2. I’m a little ashamed to admit that only this morning, based on noises that I and other PAX produced, did I get the double entendre “backblast.”