Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Duck


Four mentally-questionable men ran today
The duck stares
Five mile circle to honor Pi day
The duck, never cold, still stares
Green flashes light up the airways
The duck still stares
Post-run huddle under the archway
Those armor piercing duck eyes still staring
How much does a post-run BT weigh?
The duck, walking backwards, still staring
Does the commons have a bidet?
Duck, we have no bread, why the constant stare?
Time to disperse and go conquer the day, aye!

– No HDHH this month @ Splinter’s.  See BB for replacement venue and acknowledgement of disappointment.

Splinter out



  1. Great BB Splinter…The duck quickly realized he was either smarter than us, or we were at least just as dumb.

    Great running with Sippy and enjoyed the light-show from what I assume were several blown transformers. (I can say that because I did not lose power.)

    Impressive how much weight one can lose from a single run…kudos on your return to regularity BT.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Sounds like a great run – missed being there with you guys – way to push..

  3. The thought of running this morning was much worse than the actual run. Ice pellets don’t really get you too wet. The transformer show made it quite exciting, apocalyptic almost! Thanks Saab for the company.

  4. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Creative BB as usual. Love it! Not sure if it was the time off, the stinging ice drops, Singer’s burpee-laden beatdown yesterday or the extra weight I was carrying, but today was a challenge either way. Thanks to Splinter for hanging with me. It’s always nice to have someone to watch transformer explosions with.

  5. It was a surprisingly enjoyable run this am gentlemen. I’m glad I signed up to Q, otherwise I’m not sure I would have been there to witness it.

  6. Well done gents. Lovely weather, exploding transformers and a J-ville flat-tire — what more can you ask for from an F3 morning?