Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Making the MERKIN Great Again


5 frozen fighters (no FNGs… I wonder why?) and their cars slid into the partially frozen parking lot this morning at DaVille and fired up a beatdown to try to stay warm. The sunny and 70 degree fun fest went something like this…

Mosey down the Atlee high school road to the back near the football field and circle up on the side of the road.

100 SSHs, 10 merkins IC, 20 imperial walkers, 10 merkins IC, 20 don quixotes, 10 merkins IC, arm circles (10 small / 5 large – reverse), 10 merkins IC

Mosey to the road for curb crawls – 1 merkin, bear crawl across the road and increase the merkin. Continue back-and-forth up to 5 and then continue back-and-forth while descending back down to 1 merkin.

Mosey to the middle of the parking lot for Touch a (Frozen) Tree. 10 werkins in the center of the parking lot (spot 525), run to a tree, 10 merkins. Repeat for 10 trees.

Mosey around the long loop on the road by the elementary school, middle school and then back to the start while stopping for 20 merkins at 4 different locations along the way.

Numerama, Namarama, Announcements. YHC took us out.


YHC shook his head as he realized a few days ago that he had signed up to Q a few days after Daylight Saving Time (aka Death). He shook his head again last night when he realized that it was going to be right at freezing with rain coming down. He then had a vision of Abacus saying, “THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC AND GLORIOUS!” and that fired up the engines!

YHC showed up to an empty parking lot and it stayed that way until 5:28 am. Spit sent a text message indicating that he had been up most of the night with his sick daughter and that he was fighting a cough. He made the right call and we missed him. Three cars then came flying into the parking lot and everyone waited until the final 20 seconds before getting out. We then took off running into the wind. Mumble chatter was light as the wind and rain pounded our faces. YHC did have the thought, “This is the dumbest and greatest idea” as the rain bounced off his face.

The theme of the beatdown was “Making the MERKIN Great Again.” YHC has missed the insane amount of merkins that went down in November for the monthly challenge so he decided to bring back some love and respect for the merkin. The PAX did not disappoint with their tireless commitment to this exercise.

The “normal” 100 SSHs warmed up the troops well and then we dropped for what YHC termed some “sloppy merkins” as we put our hands down into pools of water in the grass. There was no hiding from the bitter cold this morning! Most of the PAX turned away from the howling wind and faced away from that exponential pain. This was a scene that YHC had never witnessed.

After getting loose and ready, Phonics found us after running all over DaVille to locate us. T-claps to this man for not giving up and going home to embrace the delayed fart sack!

The PAX pushed through the workout and strangely seemed at home in the midst of the insanity as we ran around the long loop. Pleasant conversations popped up along the way and encouragement was shared by all.

YHC experienced THE fastest namerama and numberama in his almost year of F3. The announcement from Circle K was simply, “It is cold. Let’s pray and get outta here!” YHC agreed and threw down a prayer to finish up the adventure.

T-claps to these men of men who showed up and fought through the beatdown together. We definitely made the merkin great again and we will have this freezing rain memory for many years to come!

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  1. Sorry I had to miss this morning fellas! My 2.0 decided to celebrate her 14 month birthday by keeping the M and me up most of the night! Great job Carpenter for bring what seems to be epic beatdown.

    I should be back tomorrow for MANNdate!

  2. Solid job fellas! It is strange how these days become a bit normal after you take the red pill. It’s also a blessing that you had no FNGs. You would never see them again.

  3. Great Q THE Carpenter. This morning at about 445am, Mrs. Circle K was running around the house with her phone lighting candles, as we had lost power. As she finished I was just waking up and said I was going to DaVille. Her response was “it is pouring down rain and 30 degrees” My response was “somebody will be there” Sure enough, it is always 70 and sunny in F3 RVA.

  4. Those sloppy Merkins were the death of me. I hesitated as I put my hands 2 inches into the a watery grave, knowing my hands will forever long for warmth this wretched morning. But I was with the Pax and this where my God had me be. Merkins where a terrible choice to embrace. But I was not the Q and fought to accept this path. Reminds me of battles I face on a daily basis. I do not choose this path and suffer versus embrace my situation. I honker down and keep to myself as I look to pass from pain and misery. But by myself, all I do is put a millstone on the clock and drag out my agony. However, when I branch out and join the pax, the hands feel begin to warm, the ice pelting on legs is not noticed and it becomes 70 degrees and sunny in RVA. The sad clown had me at times this AM, but the Pax came next me and took me in. The sad clown is out there, it is close by me during this chapter I find myself, but the Pax is there too. I thank our Glorious Father for mornings like this morning. It is 70 degrees and sunny in the Pax – come out and join us and turn that sad clown upside down with us.

    BTW, that might have been the fastest numerama and namerama but it was balanced by a verbose prayer that would have made Billy smile in respect. Verbose – but solid and glorifying to the Maker.

  5. Sorry for some of the grammar mistakes / misspelling and the like. I replied on my phone and that limits my ability to see and correct. Peace.

  6. The Carpenter on

    Indeed, they do become normal… Everyone else thinks that we are strange. We cannot see our lives without it…

  7. The Carpenter on

    It was beast. Phonics brought up how you shared once about how you were going to stay in the fart sack but then you thought about how the other guys would be out there. You decided to go. That inspired him. I had similar thoughts even if I was the Q. The accountability challenges us to get up, show up and get to work!

  8. The Carpenter on

    I didn’t think anybody was coming at 5:28 am. I honestly thought, “Should I go home?” Then I thought, “How fun would it be to do the whole workout alone!?” I’m glad that I didn’t have to do that and that you and the others rolled into the parking lot for some freezing fun!!

  9. The Carpenter on

    Solid words here about your current chapter and the fight you are in. Thank you for sharing and reminding us to keep pushing through and embracing what God has for us in/through these workouts.

    Thanks also for calling out my verbose prayer. BTW, your write-up here was about the same length as that prayer… #pokethebear #giveabacustoabacus #itwasfreezingduringtheprayer

  10. I could have broken it down to 4 messages like you did on your replies on the BB… #pokethebear

    Note: No Toll had 8… We are falling behind.

  11. Thanks, TC, for an awesome Q. It’s funny, I had trouble sleeping last night thinking about what would be best to wear, figuring heavier stuff would just get drenched and heavy, but lighter attire could be toying with hypothermia. After splashing through an unseen lake for the fifth time on my way to tag a tree, I realized it what I was wearing really didn’t matter. Still, the best quote I heard this morning from the Pax was, “You know, I think I chose the wrong underwear this morning.” Thankfully no one asked any clarifying questions.

    In all seriousness, this morning was yet another reminder of the positive power of F3. Lab Rat, thanks for introducing me to this group. As Emoji would say, even when the gloom is dreary, it’s always worth it.

  12. The Carpenter on

    C’mon, man! That is why it is called “reply” because you reply to a specific comment. You don’t write a general comment to everyone and include 4 messages in one. #abacusmath

  13. I was would have laughed when Ph****s said that, but I was to cold. However, I did smile when you just reminded me of that quote.

  14. You only have yourself to thank and/or blame for continuing on this journey! It’s easy to show up and write it off, the tough part is to keep coming out…especially on these nasty days. Glad you are part of the group, Helix.