Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Making up for lost time at River Run


6 River Run stalwarts showed up on a cold Monday in search of the hour missing from Sunday due to daylight savings time.  Here is what went down.


  • SSH IC x 20
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 20
  • Arm Circles fwd IC 10 small + 5 large + reverso
  • Merkins IC x 10
  • Little Baby Crunches IC x 20

Mosey to bus loop in front of school

Curb Crawls

Bear crawl to curb and perform 1 merkin
Crawl bear to starting curb and perform 2 merkins
Up to 5, then repeat 5 and down to 1

Mosey to other bus loop

Triple Check

  • Dips on bench
  • Squats
  • Run the bus loop

Mosey to blacktop

Bear crawl snake (2 rounds)

Mosey to jungle gym

6 Pack

  • 5 pull ups + 1 monkey humper
  • 4 pull ups + 2 monkey humpers
  • etc

Mosey to road

Native American runs with Flip Dog Shuffle
exercises included

  • 3 burpees OYO
  • 20 werkins
  • 25 box cutters

Conveyor Belt on Parking Spots

  • Round 1 – Crab Cakes x 10 then Crab Walk to next station x 6
  • Round 2 – Monkey Humpers X 10 then Duck Walk to next station x 6

Mosey to poles at end of parking lot

Native American Pole Smokers (2 rounds)

Plank when done

Bear Merkin 1/2 Ladder Down

  • 10 merkins then bear crawl to top of hill
  • 9 merkins then bear crawl 15 yards
  • 8 merkins then bear crawl 15 yards
  • continue down to 5 merkins

Mosey back to VSF


  • Freddie Mercuries IC x 20
  • American Hammers IC x 15
  • Rosalitas IC x 20

Numberama, Name-O-rama


March HDHH at Splinters Crib (see pre-blast and sign up)

YHC Took Us Out


YHC was eager to get back into the gloom after being on vacation for a week.  While the vacation part was great, the solo workouts left YHC yearning to get back into the gloom of F3RVA.  Upon checking the Q sheet at 5 AM, and seeing it blank, YHC was happy to oblige and take the lead at River Run.  The goal of the morning was to cover as much of the AO as possible and try to fit in as much work as possible.  Therefore, the PAX spent almost no time recovering before moving on to the next thing.

YHC got off to a bit of a rocky start with the counts during COP and had to repeatedly remind the PAX that our bodies (and YHCs brain) were still on standard time.  The PAX was also warned from Wilson that his vapor trail was going to be extra spicey this AM (which appeared to be a bit of a false alarm…nothing compared to the salmon and ramen leftovers from past workouts).

The PAX covered a lot of ground today and was able to get in a lot of good work.  Monday should be downhill from here.

There was also good mumble chatter during each exercise and YHC enjoyed the camaraderie throughout.  YHC appreciates the opportunity to lead.  Thanks for indulging me and way to work today!

Great job!



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  1. Way to work today men! Great job and also good to have Flipdog back at the RR.

    Til next time!


  2. Nice job keeping it moving today! My head still hurts from hitting that damn bar. But I feel good otherwise! Glad your back from vaca!

  3. Welcome back indeed…and with a vengeance. Nice work McRib. Way to lead and punish us today. That crab-cake; crab-walk conveyor belt was the nail in my coffin.

    Also you forgot to mention the poll question in your Announcements – should Wilson be renamed to CDO – Chipotle Dutch Oven…discuss…