Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Facts of Life…


A lucky 13 descended upon Mary to demonstrate their strength and stamina.  This is more or less what transpired…

COP: DQ’s, SSH, Squats (6 count…NEVER AGAIN), Merkins, LBC’s

Lazy Doras: (100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, 300 J-Squats).  Alternating:   10 Merkins, 20 LBC’s, 25 J-Squats (or 30 if you are partnered with TYA)

Triple Check:  1 partner completes 25 WWII’s. While waiting for partner 1, other 2 wheelbarrow up and down steps to school – performing a Merkin at each step.

Jacob’s Ladder (Construct a Burpee). Traverse courts..starting with 1 Merkin, 1 J-Squat, and 1 Burpee. Continue until at 5 Burpees.

Ring of Fire (Merkins), and then a few minutes of Mary.


As the PAX gathered in a dark but temperate morning, it was Hardywood’s declaration of his boyhood crush on Tootie from the Facts of Life that helped kick-start the morning and provide YHC yet another throwback reference to a decade he would otherwise rather forget.

As we prepared for the Lazy Dora’s, the PAX seemed to be on top of what needed to be done. Not to be topped, our resident number cruncher TYA – beginning with the signature-phrase “I know I’m not the Q but…” – offered an alternative count for the jump squats. YHC greatly appreciated TYA’s active participation during this instruction period.

The stair climb Merkins with a triple-check were something YHC had wanted to do for some time at MM, but logistics had been of concern. In a post-chat with Singer it was realized that the instructions could have been better administered (surprised?), and the count for WWII’s – which drive the rotation – could be tweeked some more.

In the end, YHC intended to minimize the amount of running for those recovering from injury (Swirly dude) and pay respects to those who will be running the Bel Monte this weekend – as was demonstrated in some of his counts (16 & 34 mile). Best wishes and respect gentleman.

Saab abides


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  1. Great work today guys. Thanks for putting up with my usual nonsense and poor cadence.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice Q Saabski … Thanks for the limited running my ankle appreciates it – although good news is it is improving..
    Loved the wheelbarrow merkins – I was remembering the time I q’d and we did those up and down the Carillon steps – UP ok down – nooo good….Mary steps much better suited for that exercise ..
    Best wishes to our F3RVA Belmonte team – go gettem boys!
    See yall in the gloom..

  3. ITs going to be a blast this weekend!! thanks for leading today and keeping the running to a minimum.

  4. Well done Saab! Solid Q and way to bust out the deconstructed burpees. Those will make you remember what you had for dinner the night before. Big ups to the Bel Monte crew this weekend. Breathe and glide fellas, breathe and glide.

    Be super.

  5. FYI I knew the sound you were making was not a banjo but that was the only instrument that came to mind!!

  6. TYA injected his opinion on how to run a workout that wasn’t his Q? You don’t say….

    Your “nonsense looks like a solid beatdown yet again. Careful, you ate going to get a reputation of being good at this stuff.

    Calmer than you are,
    Lab Rat

  7. Tootie had it going on…

    This aggression will not stand man!

    TYA’s unpleasant tasting suppositories will get me through it…

    Saabski abides…see you Saturday guys.