Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Completing the Gumbo – Adding the Crawfish and Meat at the Circus


11 strong Circus veterans posted on this beautiful Thursday morning and even the Ghost Sponsor showed himself this morning to provide a promised beatdown.  It went something like this:

COP – SSHs, DQs, Arm Circles, Flutter Kicks, Merkins and Halos – all IC

Ask and you shall receive (Toga requested to not have to do any KB swings for the day after this beatdown was finished) — 25 KB Swings OYO followed by 5 Burpees OYO — Repeato x 4

Lindsay’s Revenge – As threatened/promised, YHC brought back the Lindsay’s with Merkin Rows and WWII sit and press.  Run around the Circus loop or 60 LBCs in between rounds – PAX Choice.  Add/subtract reps by 10 each round (30-10; 20-20; 10-30).

Curb Work – Find a part of the curb for 15 tricep pullovers IC followed by 15 Alabama Honeymoon Suites (bridge – raise – pullover) OYO.

Triple Check – Wall planks, KB Swings (extra credit for Toga and HoneyDo) and Waiter Carry to end of the sidewalk and back.

COT – number-rama- nama-a-rama and YHC took us out.


Mumblechatter was high in COP with requests, jabs and other general commentary from the peanut gallery.  YHC was happy to oblige on the request for swings and to add in a few burpees for good measure.  Interestingly, Lindsay’s revenge quieted the crowd quickly.  All PAX members, young and old, got straight to work and pounded it out.  STRONG WORK MEN!!

YHC will admit that the wall planks are one of those things that looked better on paper than it felt in reality today.  Those things sucked and felt like they would never end.

Unfortunately, the week of Gumbo has to end early as a last minute work schedule change will prevent Gumbo from Qing at the Creek tomorrow.  BIG thanks to MudFace for stepping up and for EHing Wild Thing to help step in for the Q tomorrow.  Gumbo will Q at the Creek soon, I promise.

It was a great pleasure to lead another fine group this morning.  Each morning that YHC gets to join his F3 brothers for a beatdown is a great day and it is always that much more rewarding to step into the circle and execute a Q.  Thank you for the opportunity.

No more Gumbo for you!



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  1. Great work men. Great to meet Cheetah and to see Hoops in the PAX. Thanks for coming back out!

  2. Well done Gumbo! Many T-Claps!!!

    You are a big part of the PAX so glad you can take on such an active role encouraging everyone. Many thanks!!

  3. Honey Do RVA on

    We did enough KB Swings this morning I can take tomorrow off. Been a long time since I’ve seen the entire Pax smoked that bad as during the Lindsay.

  4. Most of the Lindsays I’ve ever known have been cute bubbly blondes. This Lindsay was a big nasty troll that wanted to feast on the souls of the PAX. Grateful for the increments of 10.

  5. First, I still had to do more swings at home, so you’re not getting full points for that one. Second, strong Q and great job leading so many times this week!

  6. There were no problems eating a full sandwich at Pops after this beatdown. Also, no longer able to properly gauge strength, I tore a bag of chips apart.

  7. Way to finish the Gumbo – Gumbo! I look forward to the next time you cook up a batch!

  8. Johnsonville on

    I am still sore from all those Merkin Rows. I could not have done one more. Thanks for great leadership, Gumbo.