Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kicked in the Donkey BELLS!


6 fighters looked at the rain forecast and saw it as an opportunity instead of a barrier for a beatdown in the gloom. The shovel flag was planted and the kettle bell smack down went something like this…

Mosey around bus loop with kettle bells held high and move toward the school entrance…

COP – 50 SSHs, 20 sit up presses, arm circles (10 / 5 – reverse), 20 copperhead squats with kettle bells, 20 don quixotes, 20 figure eights, 50 SSHs

Mosey to the wall to get kicked in the donkey bells…

10 donkey kicks against the wall, lunge across the parking lot to exercise on the grass, exercise and side lunge back to the wall, repeat four times with these exercises

  • 15 halos each way
  • 30 double hand swings
  • 30 sit up presses
  • 30 overhead presses

Run it back with some variety – 20 donkey kicks against the wall, walk across the parking lot with kettle bell held high to exercise on the grass, exercise and walk back to the wall with kettle bell held high, repeat four times with these exercises

  • 15 halos each way
  • 30 double hand swings
  • 30 sit up presses
  • 30 overhead presses

Mosey back to the school entrance, circle up with kettle bells on the ground. Bear crawl around the circle until YHC called out to stop. Pick up the kettle bell and exercise. We did the following:

  • Stop 1 – 10 arm presses for each arm
  • Stop 2 – 15 double hand swings
  • Stop 3 – 15 double hand swings
  • Stop 4 – 10 double hand swings

Bear crawl back to the original kettle bell.

Mosey back to the Flag

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out

Announcements – Ashcreek 5K (http://www.ashcreek5k.com) on May 20th, 3rd F spiritual workout (The Shining) at Rise & Shine Diner on Thursday mornings at 6:30 am.


YHC arrived first to review the terrain and Spit showed up next. Spit commented that he wasn’t happy about the fact that YHC was inspecting the wall. YHC’s response? “Get ready to get kicked in the donkey BELLS…” The rest of the troops rolled into the parking lot and looked like they were ready for a fight.

The mumble chatter was light as we circled up. The first set of SSHs got the heart pumping. Then the rain started pouring down and it elicited a cheer from the PAX. The rain drops seemed to get thicker by the second and matched the enthusiasm of the circle.

YHC admittedly adopted and adapted HoneyDo’s Groundhog Day beatdown and added some twists to keep the PAX guessing. Mudface was the only other person who had experienced that glorious morning at Circus Maximus a short month and few days ago. YHC thought that he was giving the PAX a break by switching out the lunges for walking with the kettle bells held high in between the donkey kicks and exercises. He was wrong! It increased the wear and tear on the muscles and forced the PAX to truly engage in the “you vs. you” mindset.

There is something special about donkey kicks. They mess up the body (and mind) and that is a glorious thing!

We all got kicked in the donkey BELLS this morning!

Spit shared that his Q on Saturday at Dogpile will be in honor of his grandmother who passed away this week. She was almost 98 and she lived a life that was marked by loving and serving others. Faye Beach helped to inspire Spit’s faith in God and he is carrying on her legacy through his life and faith. We can all salute that and support our brother as he remembers a life lived well.

Let’s keep pressing on together!

The Carpenter


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Thought that looked familiar, must have been fun in the pouring rain. My condolences Spit, sorry I can’t be there for your Dogpile Q.

  2. Great Q and BB Carpenter. I guess I have Honey Do to thank as well for the beatdown today. Also it sad when you see donkey kicks as a break from the rest of the workout.

    Thank you for the shout out on the BB about my grandmother. Also thank you Honey Do for your thoughts.

    I know a lot of PAX members are out this Saturday due to Belmonte but those that are not, come out for tribute to an amazing women.

  3. Great WORKOUT, TC! I now understand “I’ll take it easy on you this round” is more like “sunny and 70” than a real desciption. Thanks for Q-ing.

  4. Nice work men! Come out to Circus tomorrow for some more “fun will bells”. Kind of like Sunny and 70, Wheelie!

    Spit – thoughts and prayers out to you and your family. It sure sounds like she lived a full and great life. If we don’t have the early draw for the baseball tournament, I’ll be there Saturday for the tribute.

  5. The Carpenter on

    The pouring rain added to the intensity this morning and I would have it no other way. I am proud of this team of men who fought through the workout and encouraged each other along the way. Every workout provides an opportunity for us to fight through “walls of mediocrity” and kill a little more of the “Sad Clown syndrome” that can inhibit our leadership and growth. I am grateful for F3 and the team that continues to push one another toward building strength, faith and leadership.

  6. The Carpenter on

    Thanks for the question. I didn’t realize that I left out that info.

    The 6 – The Carpenter, Opus, Spit, Wheelie, Mudface, Helix… (no Abacus…)

  7. Per Corporate, you need to add yourself to PAX Carpenter otherwise its like you weren’t there.

  8. The Carpenter on

    I didn’t realize that. Thanks for the correction. I updated the BB and I will fall in line with the ways. Aye!

  9. TC, that was brutal. I made a lot of noises this morning, but nothing that resembled cheers. I was fortunate at times, though, to be next to the Q who emitted as much encouragement as sweat.

    Spit, my condolences for your family’s loss. You are an inspiration to the Pax, as it sounds like she was to you.