Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Phil Collins (No Jacket Required)


16 souls gathered this morning for another performance of DaVille.  Weather was 70 and dark, but only for a minute.


  • SSH
  • Copperhead Squats
  • Don Quixote (crowd pleaser style)
  • Imperial Walker- steam engine style
  • Arm Circles
  • Crab Cakes
  • LBC’s?


  • Sitting on a park bench-  11’s using the bleachers on both ends of the Cool Springs field.  10 dips flapjack to 1 incline APD.  Subtract then add a rep to each and keep going until you hit 1 and 10 reps.  You know the drill
  • Lindsays-  Pax choice of exercises…but not burpees, you nutjobs!  Pax settled in to merkins and Freddie Mercury’s.  FM’s were mutated from 2 count up to 4 count to appease the beasts (mainly Spit).
  • Indiginous peoples run-  two lines, “The Blue Angels” and “Group B”.  Blue Angels did an extra lap around the parking lot.  Group B worked hard on not puking.  As always, burpees optional.
  • Mary-  LBC’s, flutter kicks, American hammers, heels to heaven


  • Happy Birthday to wild and whacky Emoji!
  • Ashcreek 5K has an F3 team!  Rumor has it The Carpenter is working on getting us a booth hook up as well, but he has not finalized the deal with YHC yet.  http://www.ashcreek5k.com/
  • HDHH for March here:  http://f3nation.com/2017/02/27/preblast-march-hdhh/
  • Thoughts and Prayers for Spit and family as they say goodbye to his Grandmother. She was 98 years young.


A blank space for DaVille on a Monday morning…..really?  OK, if Lab Rat is nothing else, he’s a gamer and will gladly take two DaVille Q’s in a row.  He really thought long and hard on really punishing the pax for not signing up, but he also knew that what would most likely happen is that he would punish himself more than the beasty pax that frequent the Atlee parking lot…..and that they would probably actually enjoy it.  YHC did however take away the carrot of a Lab Rat Q….no parking lot tracers for you!

We stopped in a new spot in front of the school for the COP…right next to a drain ditch.  The Q had loads of fun yelling down into the hole and hearing his voice echo back.  It doesn’t take much to distract Lab Rat as he missed several of his stopping points on the cadence calling while enjoying his new found toy.  Lab Rat can take a hint though, so when Wheelie started yawning, he figured it was time to move on.

The 11’s took place in an inky black area of the AO, running across a field with no lights and most of the pax wearing black.  More than a few face to face collision close calls kept the pax on their toes.  Although not up to No Toll standards, the field is in great shape, and was a pleasure to run on.  Beats the heck out of the rocky trails for once.  No noggins were harmed during the running of this exercise.

Lindsay’s needed WAY too much explanation.  Obviously, the pax needs more practice counting by 5.  The exercises were left up to the pax to choose.  Yard Sale yelled out BURPEES!  Remind me to never attend a Yard Sale Q, he is sadistic.  Spit demanded 4 count Freddies, which is also pretty wicked, but doable.  The Q was feeling it towards the end, and really struggled to keep his feet off the ground during the American Hammers.  Check off abs for the week.

Awesome to see a couple new’ish faces this morning.  Freezer Burn continues his freshman tear through the Mechanicsville AO’s.  Hopefully he will make it to some downtown locales soon and get to know the rest of the pax.  Also, a tip of the cap to Gum Band for posting up this morning.  YHC has met him before, but it’s been a bit.

Well done this morning, gentlemen!  Make this day yours!


Lab Rat apologizes.


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  1. Apology of the week goes to Opus. Lab Rat apologizes for using such a kick-ass musical themed BB title on a beat down in which Opus didn’t post.

  2. That’s the second BB today with a reference to bad-eighties-music (one word)…what gives! Argh…

  3. Phil Collins is not bad 80s music.

    If I had to guess, there is a photo somewhere on the internet depicting Saab with big hair. That is likely the source of his disdain for 80s music.

  4. Great Q LR. No parking lot tracers??? I was confused as we left the lot without the LR staple, but you did not disappoint by bringing us home with another LR staple, the Indigenous Peoples Run.

  5. Saab has a disdain for entire decades…the eighty’s being one of them. It’s just part of his demeanor as the grumpy old guy. It’s only a facade though, he is actually warm and gooey under his hard candy shell. He also rocks out to Duran Duran.

  6. Great Q and BB today LabRat! I would have step up to take the empty Q today but decided to take the empty Dogpile instead. 11’s were crazy today. At one point Spike and I almost ran into this black blob that seem to be sucking us in!

    On a side note I don’t know what Abacus meant when he was going to have “modify” due to tennis elbow. I didn’t see any “modifying” going on today. I think someone is just trying to make some excuses.

  7. Spit. Truly sorry for the loss of your grandmother. F3 RVA is there for you should you and/or family need anything at all.

  8. I can feel it coming IN THE AIR TONIGHT that I have NO REPLY AT ALL to this amazing BB!

    It’s a GROOVY KIND OF LOVE to go AGAINST ALL ODDS and complete such an epic beatdown.

    I have to imagine that the pax was feeling like it was ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE following the COP but that thang must have had them saying I DON’T CARE ANYMORE. It would seem like it would take TWO HEARTS to complete such a brutal workout.

    Hey Lab Rat, DO YOU REMEMBER when you weren’t feeling well that morning of the first morning of the BRR? That trash can you tenderly clutched while puking into it sure was an EASY LOVER. I will say I saw your TRUE COLORS when you gutted it out and ran that leg that morning. Your determination left me in a LAND OF CONFUSION.

    Um … SUSSUDIO.