Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tramp stamp, sore coccyx only at the Gridiron


Five of the strong and faithful posted on a cold but beautiful sunny morning at the Gridiron. Attila and White deer shared the command and this is how the thang began.

COP Attila warmed us up… and of course, he always includes a beastly moment.

25 SSH

10 merkins

10 burpees

25 DQ

10 Freddy Mercurys

25 IW

25 picnic table dips

25 single leg step ups

25 picnic table dips

25 single leg step ups

30 second hollow hold

100 yards – alternating 15 yard Bear Crawl & kareokes
Beast – merkins, LBC, deep squats, Carolina drydocks, monkey jumpers, APD
100 yards – alternating 15 yards Bear Crawl & kareokes

Then the Q was passed to Whitedeer for some Olympic rowing and Kettle bell(ing) on the tarmac.

Boat-Canoe w/ KB
Boat – Canoe Press with KB
25 KB curb behind the head sit ups

25 KB sitting push press
25 KB behind the head pole smokers
25 Two arm swings
25 Push- Press each hand
25- Lawn mower pulls each hand
25 Goblet Squats to push press
25 KB Pull overs
25 KB Pull overs to Press

10 Donkey Kicks against Restroom wall

10 Donkey Kick position feet against the wall push ups

Farmer carry to internal parking lot island. Crab crawl around island curb (CW&CCW)

25- Lawn mower pulls each hand
Farmers carry to restroom curb for 25 kb rows each arm
25 KB curb Pull overs to press
30 yard sprint to west side of parking lot, sprint back.

30 yard sprint to west side of parking lot, sprint back.



Johnsonville stressed the importance of the newer F3 members to sign up on line and get involved in the Q leadership. Which always includes following up with a back blast. HINT White Deer.

COT (Cecil tok us out with a heartfelt prayer)


Yep a pick on Night Crawler morning  – We missed you… welcome back

We have all missed Night Crawler’s presence at the Gridiron, he just got back from a California work boondoggle. There should be a F3 term for one who is late to a Saturday day morning workout after attending a week long boondoggle.

Night Crawler. JVille and Cecil kept making reference to wearing the tramp stamp off during any KB exercise on their six. Cecil was more concerned about the condition of his Coccyx.

Night Crawlers oldest daughter F3 Emmy Lou Hoo, her two twin sisters and wife met us for breakfast. Emmy Lou Hoo was presented with a free Bagel breakfast award for winning a reading contest at her school. Congrats ELH… We all enjoyed Night Crawlers beautiful family for breakfast.

Beware when you shake the hand of a F3 member’s wife when she’s been working out with his kettle bell. After our workout I told Night Crawler that I was proud of him wearing the paint off of his 25# kettle bell. He replied, “his wife had been using it’. She’s got one hell of a hand shake.

Also Night Crawler was trying to convince Cecil and WD during breakfast that his lack of weight loss was due to his job… entertaining clients. He was wine(ing) about “I don’t drink a lot, just constantly”.  Cecil and WD just couldn’t stop chuckling. You know Night crawlers are so named because they are usually seen feeding above ground at night.

Everyone hates a dentist but loves a magician. Cecil was showing off his magician skills to Emmy Lou Hoo. The disappearing golden key… where did it go? … You could see the excitement in both their eyes. Cecil then preceded to tell us his daughter was expecting a baby girl and he would be a grandfather. Congrats to grandpa Cecil and gramma!  You Can’t hate this dentist.

Probably one of the longest gatherings at breakfast to date.. A great F3 family get together of friends and family. Missed you Earthworm!


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  1. Attila and WhiteDeer – nice job on the Qing. Strong workout followed by solid 2nd F. And congrats to Emmy Lou Hoo and Cecil!

  2. Johnsonville on

    Coffeeteria was great. Beat down was great. Had to force myself to do some chores around the house later in the day. Body wanted to lounge in front of the tube. Great workout and backblast!

  3. Gotta love a great 2nd F after a Saturday morning workout….whether it be downtown proper or west end.

    The campos guys said a lot of stupid things to me when I met them at VB, but they did share 1 truth: “Coffeeteria should last longer than the workout”. That’s a good day.