Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Apology of the week goes to Swirly


19 pax piled in this morning to take a little trip with Lab Rat around Dogwood Dell.  YHC had a loose plan of where he wanted to lead the pax this morning, and he almost  pulled it off.  Things worked out anyways, with a little help from his friends.  Here is the skinny:


  • SSH
  • Ball dippers
  • Don Quixote, crowd pleasingly slow
  • arm circles
  • merkins
  • LBC’s


  • 7’s at the rusty cage:  Partner up, 6 pullups, 1 booyah merkin.  5 pullups, 2 booyahs…etc until 1 and 6.
  • Accidental Trail Run:  the long way round
  • Watch the sun rise:  Mosey along the Nickle Bridge and admire the spectacular views.  Oh yeah, also do 3 burpees per light pole south bound.  Winner and ties run to Riverside Drive, bust out 20 merkins, then turn around.  As leaders pass the pax, pax members stop where they are, knock out 20 merkins and head back north as well.  5 4-count Freddie Mercuries per light pole on the way home.
  • Hodors:  Partner carry 20 steps.  Both partners perform 5 merkins.  Flapjack.
  • Mary:  Cross leg lifts, Am Hammers, and flutter kicks


Lab Rat has been itching to get back out to Dogpile for a long while now, taking the more conservative route of preparing for a race by bookending his long Sunday runs with off days.  What better way to hard commit to a return than to sign on that dotted line for the Q?  YHC had a very lucid plan in place which consisted of the following action items:

1)  no hopping on 1 leg

2) Pullups

3) Take advantage of the increasingly early sunrise.

The plan was either to run the bridge or do Love Hill.  Seeing that the morning was going to be clear, Lab Rat chose the burpee Boulevard, even though he pulled out the same bag of tricks earlier in the week at DaVille.  Love Hill would have probably been the more appropriate call, but the allure of a sunrise over the  James was just to strong of a pull.

Not in the plan however, was the trek thru a trail system that YHC had never actually been on.  Lab Rat was trying to get the pax swiftly from the Rusty Cage over to the toll plaza to start the bridge run.  While this was a pretty big whoopsy on the Q’s part, he thinks that probably 17 of the 19 pax either didnt care or enjoyed it.  Lab Rat and Swirly were the two outlyers….Lab Rat being the moron in charge of getting the pax lost, and Swirly being pretty well hobbled on a sprained ankle.  Thus, the name of this BB.  Luckily, Sippy Cup was on hand to guide a frazzled Q to the far trail head, and Swirly made it across the moss covered log without incident.  Whew, catasrophe…..and Lab Rat being the first person ever kicked out of F3….averted.

The rest was all smiles, in YHC’s er, humble opinion.  The sunrise was glorious, the burpees sucked, and at least 2 pax almost puked.  Speaking of which, solid effort to Pavarotti for his 2nd post.  Dogpile is a workout that just keeps on giving, whether you are ready or not.  He hung in there like a boss, and YHC is sure that if he keeps on posting up, he will be dominating in no time.

Also, YHC would be remissed if he didnt give special recognition to Sippy Cup, who stepped up on at least 3 seperate occasions to act as guest Q.  True leadership is filling in the gaps, even if your name isnt on the spreadsheet.  Tclaps to you, Sippy.  Also, that 6″ hold in plank was a brutal call.  Well done!

Lab Rat was screwing about today and asked quiet-as-a-mouse Hat Trick to take us out.  He stepped up and knocked it out of the park!  Helix should be a proud papa.

ET’s is the place to be on Saturday mornings from about 7:20 until 9:30.  If you havent been, you are truly missing out.  This is one of the highlights of the week for this pax member.

Lastly, YHC is proud to see a heavy presence from The Village People today!  Booyah!


  • Belmonte race is Saturday.  If you are running it, you should know.  TYA and Flashdance are making arrangements.
  • Frat party at Splinter’s place!  March 15th, see the preblast and do the spreadsheet thang.  M’s and 2.0’s welcome, keg stands optional.
  • Ragnar group is full of runner’s, but have room for a Volunteer, or what Fudd would label as a “trash bitch”.  See Toga if you would like to fill out an application for that job.
  • Spots available for Smoky Mtn Relay….and also the BRR is taking shape.  Speak up to TYA.

Lab Rat apologizes….




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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Apology accepted Labrat – good Q man.
    Many thanks to a number of pax who made sure I stayed upright- Fudd, Bleeder , Saab, Flatline , Flashdance, Flipper – appreciate it fellas
    Way to work today pax – really enjoyed ET’s
    Props to Hardywood and M Hardywood on their run today !
    See y’all in the gloom

  2. Thought about mentioning Hardywood, but there are a number of guys that were present at Dogpile that I saw at the beginning and at COT, but can’t recall seeing them during the workout. Whenever I write these dang bb’s, I feel I could write them better as a pax member instead of the Q. Totally different point of view.

  3. I haven’t posted in 2 weeks and when you comeback there are always some F3 constants you can count on…Lab Rat is going to some “ding dong” thing…sippy is gonna be solid as a rock, Hardywood is going to be Super @F3 or with the M…ET’s is going to be the best hour of your week… and Swirly is going to crush it (even if he was doing his best Bleeder/Flipper impersonation). Passing the Lion Heart torch to you brother…. Glad to be back

  4. Honey Do RVA on

    That partner carry up Love Hill was brutal. Great idea to soak up the sunshine before we lose an hour of light next week.

  5. Next week?! Crap on a cracker! Glad we got the sunshine in too, then.

    @Flipper: I’m happy I can be a constant for you. Loved the street camo shirt, btw.

  6. Great Q today Lab Rat. Thanks for taking us for a little walk through the woods. Burpee Blvd twice this week = sucks!

  7. Labrat your Q sounds epic and I am bummed I missed it! Ok maybe not the burpees or the running or the cold but ET’s for sure! Lol. See y’all in the gloom next week! #FEBA

  8. Thank you Lab Rat for taking us through an unintentional tour of the Byrd Park trail system. Had no idea the trails were as long as they were. If it was not for Sippy Cup, we might still be lost on the trails. Thank you as well Sippy for pacing me on Burpee Bridge. Trying to get to the top was brutal. I was trying to keep up with you but there was no way.

  9. Glad to be of help Lab Rat. It was a nice Q with several brutal moments. I’m feeling sore today in quite a few places too.

  10. It was awesome to see the tribe at Ellwood Thompsons. That was just the right pick me up. And a big props to Lab Rat for the recovery drink left on the porch of Hardywood HQ.