Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ghost Sponsor Influences FNG to post at Circus Maximus


Ten of the faithful and one FNG posted at Circus Maximus on a comfortable Thursday morning. Johnsonville (YHC), piloting a clown car hauling White Deer and FNG Hoops, pulled up with only 2 minutes to spare, but was able to kick things off on time. This is how it went down, more or less:

THANG: COP. Warmup without kettlebells, including SSH, Don Quiotes, Merkins, LBCs, Arm Circles.

Take kettlebells in hand. Mosey behind the school near the dumpster.
COP: 10x KB swing in cadence / 5 burpees OYO
10x sit-up & press OYO

Lunge-walk with KBs
COP: 10x KB swing in cadence / 5 burpees OYO
10x donkey kicks against brick wall

10x deathcrawl strides (left hand) OYO
COP: 10x KB swing in cadence / 5 burpees OYO

Mosey toward end of alley behind school.
Mini Dora 1-2-3 with 150x KB squats, 100 KB figure 8s, and 50 KB Halos

Mosey around side of school
COP: 10x KB swing in cadence / 5 burpees OYO
10x deathcrawl strides (right hand) OYO

Mosey to front faculty parking lot.
COP: 10x KB presses OYO
10x KB swing in cadence / 5 burpees OYO
10x deathcrawl strides (left hand) OYO

Long Mosey back to VSF.

Announce-A-Rama —
— F3Richmond Kettlebell challenge is 3000 during the month of March. We are on, and did the requisite 100x today. See the preblast for a spreadsheet link to track yo-self.
— Sign up for the AshCreek 5K (under team name F3, bring your Marys and kids) May 20, 2017 www.ashcreek5k.com, Let’s see if we can be the largest registered team and make a visible splash in the community.

COT with Attila taking us out.

MOLESKIN: FNG Hoops is WhiteDeer’s 15 year old son. WhiteDeer and I have been trying to get Hoops out for the better part of a year without any success whatsoever. At Church last evening, WhiteDeer and his family ran into, and sat beside, Gumbo and his family. Gumbo, a towering (despite actual height) HIM, brought substantial powers of influence upon Hoops, convincing Hoops to roll out of bed well before 5AM to post at CM. Unfortunately, however, it appears that Gumbo then turned his powers of influence upon himself, convincing himself to remain swaddled in the old fartsack while Hoops paired up with his old man to tackle a Dora.

Gumbo, your heart was in the right place. Good job on getting Hoops out! Welcome Hoops.

I spent some time trying to figure out the F3 term for what Gumbo did to Hoops this morning. It eluded me. Earthworm suggested that I call it a Ghost Sponsor, which I like. Does anyone know the actual term?

DK swallowed a huge RedPill this morning. His alarm did not sound, and YHC was forced to drive the clown car away without DK. DK was awoken by YHC’s text, rolled out of bed, jumped in his car, and arrived at the AO at 0529. Strong…

Welcome back Kotter Attila. It’s awesome mixing with the Mechanicsville crew.

In searching for the official F3 lingo for a Ghost Sponsor, I was motivated by the description of a “Disrupter.” It is as follows:

DISRUPTER: A [High Impact Man] who is a powerful Influencer of Movement toward Organizational Advantage. Highly valued within a Lizard. Feared and loathed by Goo Nation. A menace to the status quo.
INFLUENCE: The ignition of a palpable desire for action in the heart of another.
MOVEMENT: Actions taken in furtherance of Purpose.
PURPOSE: An Outcome sought through the performance of a Task.
OUTCOME: What happens or fails to happen, whether good or bad.
TASK: Something done to achieve a Purpose.
ORGANIZATION: A Group of two or more people that voluntarily combine for the accomplishment of an Articulated Purpose.
ARTICULATED PURPOSE: An Organization’s disclosed and primary end-state.
ADVANTAGE: A superior condition achieved by Movement.
LIZARD: An Organization that is dedicated to the Effective achievement of its Mission.
EFFECTIVENESS: The degree to which a person or Group successfully performs their Mission.
GROUP: A voluntary combination of two or more people.
MISSION: A Task performed in order to accomplish a Purpose.
GOO NATION: Those for whom Goo is a legitimate Organizational Purpose.
GOO: The cultural philosophy of universal Happiness.
HAPPINESS: A transitory positive feeling governed by mere external circumstance.

Contrast that to the definition of a Jackass.

JACKASS: A man who lives for himself, rather than Living Third.
LIVING THIRD: The consistent and deliberate placement of oneself third, behind Creator and Community.
SKY-Q: The Q of the Big Ball and the Super Unknown. AKA: the Creator.
Q: A Leader who takes responsibility for the Outcome. (Q1.1).
OUTCOME: See above.
BIG BALL: The Earth. More generally, that which can be seen rather than that which comprises the Super Unknown.
SUPER UNKNOWN: A realm not clearly visible on the Big Ball that, nonetheless, is still believed through Faith to exist.
COMMUNITY: Two or more people who voluntarily live in close Proximity.

See also the 3rd verse of James.

These things, along with the strength and character of many in the F3 community, make me strive to be better, both by acts and by words.

Great job, all, Jville


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  1. My first Circus Maximus post lived up to expectations. Even reaching for the keyboard reminds me of the beat down! Great Q, J-ville.

  2. Great to see Whitedeer and family at Ash Wed mass last night, and I’m stoked Hoops felt motivated to post today. I am sorry I couldn’t be there to witness his work, unfortunately and early meeting and the M being called in for substitute duty disrupted my day. I look forward to seeing Hoops back out again soon.

    Nice work guys.

  3. I’ve also spent way too much time in the lexicon recently looking for this exact thing! Not because I was considering ghost sponsoring myself or anything… no way…

    I know I had seen it somewhere and it’s actually in Freed to Lead and no where in the lexicon. The F3 bible calls in an FNG-UA but to be honest I like Ghost Sponsor better.