Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

This too shall pass…


One shy of 11 PAX arrived for a trail run along the scenic James.  Here is the rundown:

Route A:  North Bank, cross at the new bridge, then take Buttermilk trail on back.

Route B:  Above, but add-in Forest Hill loop

Route C:  Above…repeato

YHC can’t begin without making mention of TYA who is on the DL today, and thus the inspiration for today’s BB title.  Get well Brother.

Most of the PAX opted for option A, while Lab Rat, Hat Trick, and Saab ventured off through Forest Hill.  TClaps to HT for both pushing through the miles and expressing his plans to attend future trail runs as often as he can…Helix’s 2.0 is clearly a committed runner.   Hat Trick also brought his friend Jacob who will be named the next time he posts.

A few other observations:

  • Phonics demonstrated his appreciation for the trail on numerous occasions by getting down and as close to it as possible.  The man recovered well after each spill and maintained his usual positive demeanor.
  • On the topic of Phonics, the guy is quick…whether it involves catching up to the PAX due to a late arrival, or taking a speedy pit-stop that would make a NASCAR crew blush with envy
  • Enjoyed the company and conversation as usual.  No shortage of entertaining topics when LR is in the house
  • Happened to meet up with Taxi Cab and Mile High near the end of my run.  It was nice to chat with them and YHC hopes they can advance their alarm clocks a bit earlier next time and join the rest of the PAX.

Saab abides


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  1. Thank is for leading today Saab. The weather was amazing.

    I am unsure if I was having a balance or vision issue on today’s run. I jumped up quickly after the first fall like an athlete trying to hide his injuries. As I lay on the rocks after the 2nd fall, I was waiting for Lab Rat’s truck to hall me away. Thank you everybody for stopping and making sure I was okay.

  2. Lab Rat’s truck is always available, but you know the rules on the trail: “no blood, no foul”.

    Saab, sorry to have to bail on that last hill, but yall were on fire today! I am ready for Belmonte though! Way to get in a long one.

    TYA, pass that thing quick, dude. You were missed.