Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Silly English Kunnnnnnnnnigits!


Nine brave men defeated the call of the fartsack and followed the sound of the coconut halves to hunt for the Grail at the second showing of The MANNdate. The VSF was planted and the quest began.


SSH x 10

Scapula Merkins (bad push-ups) x 10

Arm Circles x 10/5 reverso

Don Quixotes x 10

Waiter’s Carry Mosey to the track

Bring Out Your Dead:

teams of three , one doing 20 Goblet Squats, one doing death crawl wheelbarrows, one holding legs

When squats are completed rotate position until team reaches halfway point of the track

Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch:

Turkish Get Ups x 1 each side

One Hand Kettle Bell Swings x 2 each side

Clean and Press x 5 each side

OYO for 5 Minutes repeato 3 minutes

Ministry of Silly Walks:

Low Lunges to halfway point of track under weight

On Leg Deadlift Walks the rest of the track


OYO for 2 minutes to eat up time

Hallelujah carry back to flag




Achcreek 5k may 20th, see Spit

The Shinning 3rd F tomorrow morning at Rise and Shine Diner  at 6:30

Abacus took us out


YHC had been thinking about a way to combine kettle bells and the fun of wheel barrows for a while. Death Barrows didn’t sound like a good name. Fortunately i was watching The Holy Grail when he  realized that he  had the Q today, and Bring Out Your Dead and the theme for the Q was born.These got harder very quickly and took longer that YHC had originally thought, audible was called for only a half lap on these. MumbleChatter was high at the beginning but quickly tapered off once the level of suck was felt. Then silence fell during the Holy Hand Grenade, which made YHC smile a little smile on the inside. Low Lunges is another that looks good on paper but suck in reality.

The PAX destroyed this today and that brought an even bigger smile. Every one worked hard and King Arthur would be proud.

Come Patsy, We Ride!




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  1. Strong Q, Mudface! “Bring Out Your Dead” was insane and painfully awesome. Thank you for turning up tne heat and providing a worthy beat down!

  2. Love the theme Mudface!! Sorry I had to miss this morning. Way to push it fellas. Glad to see Freezer Burn back out for the second day in a row!!

    See you in the gloom at the Creek!

  3. “I’m not dead yet” but I felt like it afterwards and during the wheelbarrows. That was some massive suckage.
    Thanks for lwading this morning, Mudface!
    Looking forward to the two headed q on friday!

  4. Mudface, the workout was awesome, i.e., truly painful. I considered exclaiming, “I don’t want to go in the cart!” during the wheelbarrow, but I was too winded. Thanks, Abacus for figuratively and literally pushing me thru that challenge. Those low lunges set my legs on fire. I was totally inspired, though, by Emoji’s low-lunge sprint around the track. Wow!

  5. It is merely a scratch… That is what I told myself over and over. Bring out the Holy Hand Grenade!!!