Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Golden Fart of a Mystic Unicorn


Six men chose to leave the comfort of the fart sack to brave the balmy, gloomy AO known as SOT!

At 5:30 sharp the PAX followed YHC on a short mosey to Clover Hill High School for what YHC hoped to be the workout he had envisioned a week ago!


SSH, Merkins & Imperial Walker

Move over to the bleachers for some bleacher work.

Partner up (thankfully there were 6 PAX) for partner bleacher work. One runs up/down while the other does the following exercises for all 8 stairways for a total of three rounds.

Round 1 – Incline Merkin, Decline Merkin, Dips & Merkin

Round 2 – Bench Leg Lifts, Body Ups, LBC’s & Box Jumps

Round 3 – Snake – Up/down all 8 stairways then repeat on the way back to the beginning.

Gather at the base of bleachers for a group Merkin. I saw this on the internet and thought it would be cool to try………….not so much. But, it was fun to hear the mumble chatter about having to put your feet on a PAX member to do Merkins. I’ll keep trying and Honeymoon stated he knew what I was trying but chose not to take over and let me learn by failing. Gee thanks!

Mosey back to VSF for a short session with Mary. LBC’s, Superman & Alabama Prom Dates.

COT – Name/numberama & YHC took us out……….It’s me God, Wilson!


Last week Honeymoon & YHC ventured off the normal AO to try something different. The rain last week proved to be bad for running on aluminum bleachers. Neither of us were totally pleased with our performance. So this week YHC hoped to have more PAX and no rain to try it again. YHC also wanted to keep up with the recent trend of venturing off the normal AO’s! Thanks to McRib & Honeymoon for selecting round 2 & 3 exercises. They both proved to be a challenge. YHC thought that the dry conditions would be ideal for the bleacher exercises, but quickly found out that even without rain, vertigo can show its ugly head. A few of us either almost wiped out or did. Glad everyone escaped with nothing injured.

YHC like to post videos on the backblasts. As I was searching for a video for bleacher fails, I came across the attached video. I not only almost peed myself, but found it to somewhat applicable to YHC skill set for evacuating open air spaces. While I wanted to show epic bleacher fails, I hope the attached video will make some laugh as it did me!


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  1. Hilarious video…I almost choked on my coffee.

    Great Q Wilson. I had a suspicion you might try a redo on the bleachers. It didn’t disappoint – though I almost bit it a couple times.

    Good times gentlemen. Way to work. Now, excuse me, I need to go pay taxes to Prince John…better grab my Unicorn Gold!

  2. I saw the title and needed a good laugh today. I didn’t bother with the rest of the BB. It’s pretty much impossible it will be better than the title. Be super.

  3. Fun Q, Wilson. DK experienced serious vertigo upon descending those steps in that low light. I was concerned the LASIK was failing me and felt somewhat relieved when other guys struggled seeing in the low light. Still, I enjoyed something fresh & new. Well done, guys.

  4. Thanks for rehashing that in the dry weather for us Wilson. By the title of the backblast I thought you might be renaming yourself to the Mystic Unicorn but now that I saw that video I get it. I don’t get how that came up searching for bleacher fails but it was hilarious so it doesn’t matter.

  5. That was a fun, adventurous and challenging SOT Q. Nice job Wilson! The bleachers at CH were a nice diversion from the super gloom at SOT. That’s a nice field trip option for future SOTs. It’s also a huge venue with a lot of possibility.

    The video above is more reflective of prior SOT fails as I can recall many times that the fourth F has created a toxic airflow that was in need of a mystic unicorn. Maybe we can start to use that like a bear spray to ward off the unwelcome fumes.

    Nice job to all today. Wilson it was fun partnering with you on the bleachers.


  6. I am ordering a bottle of “Pinch” of vanilla. It’s for my daughter, who is ridiculously small in proportion to the size of a bathroom she can absolutely decimate. Damn I love that kid.

    Great video, the rest of the bb was a blur in comparison.