Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tricycle Rides Again


Four of the faithful and one Kotter posted on a perfect morning in the western reaches of RVA. Johnsonville (YHC) planted a VSF and took Q, and this is how things went, more or less:

COP warmup: SSH, don quiote, imperial walkers, LBCs

Mosey to other side of parking lot continuing warmup: hillbillies, dancing hillbillies, regular Alabama prom dates, single leg Alabama prom dates, single leg Alabama prom dates (other leg).

Elevens with burpees and Lt. Dans

Mosey over to concession stand building. Partner up. 1 partner does balls to wall, the other waiter carries kettlebell to far end of parking lot and back. Repeat replacing balls to wall with donkey kicks. Repeat replacing donkey kicks with rotating wall planks.

Mosey across the gridiron to the bus drive. 200m sprint up drive to main road.

Pocahantas sequence down bus drive. That is, PAX lines up shoulder to shoulder in plank with hands on curb. Plank walk along curb. Once last man in line does 5 plank walks, he gets up and runs to the front. Continue until all pax has run to the front. Repeat with plank walks the other direction. Repeat with bear crawl. Repeat with lunges. Repeat with feet first crab walks.

Mosey to grassy area in front of school. Ring of Fire x 2.

Mosey back to VSF. 3 munites of Mary.


Welcome back to F3, Tricycle! We are glad you came out. In keeping with GridIron tradition, there was not much running this morning at GridIron. We did do a few mosies and single 200m “repeat” along the bus drive. Earthworm rocked the single 200m “repeat”, finishing first among fierce competition.

On several occasions, Earthworm showed substantial aversion to grassy areas due to risk of rolling in dog poop. Being an accommodating guy, YHC relocated the elevens from the grassy hill over to the asphalt parking lot. YHC did, however, tell the story of TYA rolling around in dog poop one morning in Windsor Farms. YHC did not agree to relocate the ring of fire off of the grass, but Earthworm did require that we check the grass very very carefully before he ventured out upon it.

All joined in coffeeteria at Einstein’s afterward.

Thank you for permitting me to lead. Jville


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