Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Great Eight


A Pax of 8 including one 2.0 FNG showed up for a President’s Day workout.


The following in cadence:

20 SSH, 10 Don Quixotes, 12 Imperial Walkers, 15 Copperhead Squats

Mosey to the pavilion for Lindsay’s:  Dips and PLT

Mosey to the back field for Bear Crawl Inch Worm:  Maintain elbow plank while the six bear crawls to the front.  Cycle through three times.

Bermuda Triangle between the light posts.  Bear crawl to the first post and perform 10 dive bombers.  Bunny hop to the second post and perform 20 WWII sit ups.  Lunge to the third post and perform 30 mountain climbers.  Repeato.

Off to the back of the school for a triple check:  BTTW, Donkey Kicks, run to the basketball hoops and back.

Mosey around to the side and circle up for some nomadic polar bears.  Bear crawl around the circle performing 9 merkins every 90 degrees.  Maintain the circle for merkin/burpee shuffle.  Pax can call burpee or merkin, single scoop or double.  You just can’t call what was previously stated.

Mosey back to the parking lot for 10 minutes of Mary.  Kicked off with American Hammers and moved around the circle for dealer’s  choice: LBCs, flutter kicks, freddy mercurys, box cutters, APDs, leg lifts, and something else.

Chum Bucket took us out.


Team Splinter arrived in full force today with two 2.0s who led the way today.  Well Done!

A lot of shoulders and abs today.  Triple check with BTTW and Donkey Kicks gives no relief between transition.  Bunny Slope has pioneered a nearly vertical inverted BTTW position more appropriately called ATTW.  Beyond being all around cooler, this position also provides functional benefit of being able to see the runner approach for transition.  Besides, if your arms give out, you crack your head, but preserve your face.

It was great to finish the workout with an abs beat down.  Offshore claimed we hit a bonus round of time today based on what we accomplished, but it was all completed in 45 minutes.

The Pax headed out for coffee.  First attempting the local coffee shop, we ended up at the Blvd Starbucks since the local shop was not open this early in the morning.  Good discussion around the table covering a variety of topics: Who is still around from the 9/20/14 initial Richmond post?, more 2.0 inspired workouts, and the challenges of driving trucks across high bridges.  Plans for Ides of March and April Earth Day HHDH were being developed as well.

I wonder if there will be a 5K this year for Earth Day?  It’s never to early to be thinking about an Earth Day 5K, right Singer?



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  1. Well done Lockjaw. Way to improv the inappropriately named exercises. 2.0s aren’t napping yet but will be soon.

    Lockjaw likes bear crawls. Ouch!