Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Remembering a forgotten Washington


Six strong came out to River Run on a crisp and clear morning.  Here is what went down:

Mosey to end of Betty Weaver for COP:  SSH, Merkins, Flutterkicks, IWs, DQs.

Partner up.  1 partner runs loop while other does Derkins.  3 Rounds.  Mosey to baseball field to honor George Washington’s oft forgotten sister: Lindsay Washington.  Lindsays were:  Jump Squats & Carolina Dry Docks.  Then sets of PLTs (supposedly created by Lindsay Washington) 25 each x 3 sets.

Mosey to parking lot. Grab a post for Incline Diamond Merkin Indian Run.  Last man does 10 diamonds, runs length of lot and back.  Mosey back to flag for Mary:  Alabama Prom Dates, Freddy Mercurys – stop mid exercise to relocate PAX (more on that later) – Finish up American Hammers.  We had some time left so finish up with 2 rounds of Human Centipede and end with ROF.

Name o Rama and Gumbo took us out.

NMS-   This was YHCs virgin voyage to River Run. YHC must admit this AO is as bountiful for pain as advertised.  Mumblechatter at the start was about the mid-level temps, almost short sleeve weather but all PAX opted for long sleeves.  Rosie pulled a Sippy Cup and ran to the AO leaving us with an uneven 5 at 5:28 but Gumbo stated McRib would be surely coming in hot at 5:29.  True to form he did and we got started.

On the initial mosey McRib shared that he hurt himself again in an incident with a Pig and Stilts. This leaves YHC to ponder if McRib is more accident prone than his initial fall that precipitated his name change from the beloved Kevin Bacon.  Maybe if some PAX could go to Kevin Bacon’s IMDB page and research his roles to see if Mr Bacon has ever played an accident prone character in a movie – and then we look at renaming McRib to that character’s name…

There was some skepticism to the accuracy of YHCs claims that A) Lindsay Washington existed and B) she is to be credited with creating PLTs.  Since Lockjaw did Lindsays as well on this Presidents Day that cannot be a coincidence, remember Lockjaw knows his history…

During the mary circle at the end Wilson caused the entire pax to relocate. Some PAX were gagging and close to tossing merlot. YHC then messed up in the human Centipede by being directly behind wilson, not a good idea.

Post beatdown Mumblechatter focused on the NoToll Qs tomorrow. Davillians taking a foothold in the heart of Southside? Will there be a trailer at the AO? Guess PAX will have to post to see.


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  1. Nice job HoneyDo! It was good to have you at the River Run and as always your Q did not dissapoint.

    Also, my game of PIG this weekend was a little too competitive and yes I fell off of a child’s stilt that I was trying to use as a prop for my trick shot. Luckily I won’t be needing any time off to heal from this accident…and yes I am pretty accident prone.

    On another note…it was good to run a little with Rosie post beat down. I went out for my mile but decided to add a couple more for good measure as it turned out to be a really nice morning to run.

    Upon my return I found an abandoned shovel flag that I will happily return to the owner as I am not sure if it was Gumbos (possibly lost upon his dash home to take care of #2) or HoneyDos. I’ll be bringing it to No Toll tomorrow.

    Great job fellas.

    McRib Bacon on Stilts

  2. Lindsay Washington is now my least favorite, unknown, forgotten sister of a dead president. Slightly ahead of Cindy Van Buren, creator of the BooYah merkin who Hardywood honored today

    Thanks for the company on the run McRib, I needed that help up the hill, the rest of the way is relatively flat. It’s http://smokymountainrelay.com/ check it out.

  3. Honey Do – nice to have you out at River Run. Like Mc Rib said you don’t disappoint – quietly dishing out the pain!

  4. Thanks for looking out McRib, and if it was my SF, I certainly would have left it in the dust to take care of business…#closecall.

    Great Q HD and great morning. After the quick office visit, I took the dog for a run. What a great start to the day. And, I’m just happy that Lindsay Washington didn’t also invent the Donkey Kicks.