Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

1/2 mile of burpees


24 Veterans and 1 FNG shrugged off the warmth of the fartsack and rose like lions to roar at the start of another beautiful day in RVA. Dogpile was the AO and Fudd planted the shovel flag for the first time in a while. Things went down a little something like this:
Mosey from the parking lot across the front of the Carillon, over to Rugby Rd. Hang a right on Rugby, run across the intersection at Park Dr. and Blanton Ave to pick up the VITA trail. Continue to mosey north on the VITA trail to the northeast corner, cross Trafford Rd., mosey around the East side of the containment pond to a relatively flat grassy area in front of the Pavilion at Fountain Lake, thus completing a one mile run for the PAX that are signed up for this month’s challenge. Circle up for COP (all exercises IC):
SSH x 30
Merkin x 15
Don Quixote x 15
Imperial Walkers x 20
Flutter Kicks x 20

1/2 mile of Burpees
Mosey to the Pavilion at the West edge of Fountain Lake for a 1/2 mile of Burpees around the lake. Run counter clockwise around the lake stopping at each lamppost to do 2 burpees. Touchdown Al Gore at the end. 20 count from Flatline and then onto the next evolution.

Columbus Triple Check
Divide into teams of 3. First PAX does alternating single leg step ups on the benches at the edge of the lake, while second PAX holds BTTW on the Pavilion and the third rate-limiting PAX runs to the statue of Columbus, runs around and then back to the Pavilion. Teams rotate until all PAX have done each exercise 3 times. Viral gives us a 20 count and then we Mosey southwest past the Columbus statue to the base of the steep hill at the northwest corner of the containment pond.

Bear Crawl Inchworm
PAX lines up head to toe in Plank position. PAX at the back of the line bear crawls to the front of the line and resumes plank. Repeat until each PAX has bearcrawled several times. PAX made it the most of the way down the West side of the containment pond where YHC called an audible and recovered the PAX. Someone else gave us a 20 count (Cosmo? Helix?…..YHC’s mind was fuzzy by that point) and we moseyed back towards the Carillon, picking up LIFO Flashdance along the way, and circled up on the grass circle in front of the amphitheater for some Mary:
Cross legged leg lifts IC x 15 for each leg
LBC x 30
Boxcutters x 20
Switched it up to dealers choice:
Flatline chose Diamond Merkins x 10
McRib chose Alabama Prom dates DC x 20
Helix chose American Hammers DC x 20

Recover and mosey back to the shovel flag for COT. Namerama, Numberama, and YHC took us out with a prayer.

Naked Moleskin:
YHC was excited to Q this morning as it’s been at least 6 months since the last time….far too long for Saab, I’m sure, even though he didn’t actually say the words. YHC loves epic beatdowns and trying new things, so today’s workout was designed to deliver both. As I drove to the AO I was eagerly anticipating Swirly’s reaction to the beatdown I had planned, and so was disappointed to not find the blue W-dog truck in it’s trusty spot in the parking lot upon my arrival. Thoughts and prayers to Swirly and his family for the loss of his wife’s aunt.
I’ve done quite a few Dogpile workouts over the last 2.5 years and have never been to Fountain Lake, which is also called Boat Lake. The PAX decided to give the lake its own F3 handle today…..”Burpee Lake”. The 1/2 mile of Burpees was so named because it’s almost 1/2 a mile to do a full lap around the lake. Immediately after the announcement of the exercise, McRib commented, “That’s going to be a lot of burpees”……right you were my friend! Daunting though the task was, the PAX attacked the burpees with a gusto and everyone was nice and warmed up by the end. No one kept count (where were you Splinter!), but a close study of Google Maps shows approximately 35 lampposts so that’s 70 burpees.
No time was wasted as the PAX then set into the Triple Check, also in front of Burpee Lake. The step ups on the benches proved to be the “break” in that evolution as the BTTW was an arm and shoulder crusher, waiting for your teammate to arrive back from the run around the statue. YHC mistakenly assumed the statue was of the park’s namesake, William T. Byrd, however the PAX quickly corrected him by pointing out that the man memorialized on the statue is indeed Christopher Columbus. YHC was impressed to witness the effort displayed by the PAX on this evolution. Everyone was already breathing hard after the 1/2 mile of burpees, but I did not see one PAX taking it easy out there. Everyone was hauling a$$ to get to the Columbus monument and back. Way to go fellas. You gave it all you had out there and YHC was proud to be among you.
The bear crawl inchworm added insult to injury, as everyone was pretty much smoked by that point. Holding the plank and then bear crawling and then back to the plank position with no rest is no joke! But the PAX gave it all they had. YHC called an audible to end this evolution after bear crawling down the line for the third time and seeing 4 PAX in a row on their knees with their faces in the dirt. Way to go fellas! You pushed yourself to that place where few have the will to reach, where a normal person’s willpower tells them to stop, but the select few simply reach down deep and refuse to quit. You gave it all you had out there, and YHC was humbled and proud to lead you!
At that point we moseyed back towards the Carillon and that is when Flashdance joined the PAX as an extremely tardy LIFO. He had run the loop of Byrd park without finding any evidence of F3 activity, and had resorted to doing pushups on his own in the field in front of the Carillon. Good show Flashdance. You missed quite a beatdown!
Welcome to Undertow from F3 Winston-Salem…..glad you could join us today! And welcome to FNG Loveseat!
Go live life like a Wascally Wabbitt!

Fudd out


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  1. That Q was worth the wait fudd. Sure we will see Burpee Lake again. And a bonus I learned that Diamond Merkins are an Ab exercise, thanks Flatline!

  2. Well done Fudd! Great Q and a well composed backblast. Big ups to sippy for total burpee domination this morning and much appreciation to the great conversations had this morning at Dogpile and ETs.

    Be super.

  3. For a man who hasn’t Q-ed in six months it didn’t show, Fudd! Another epic beatdown for the books. Well done!!

  4. Oh and don’t forget that Lab Rat showed up at the very end after parking and then running over from ETs. 😀

  5. Yes, thank you Viral. We can’t forget about Lab Rat and his run from ET’s. He’s already a bit peeved that Hardywood got podcast credit for the mid week lunch 2nd F meet ups. He claims that he originated that idea, but those claims are still unverified, according to TYA.

  6. Looks to be an awesome beatdown Fudd! Carpenter was telling Emoji and myself all about it! Sorry to have missed it. Hope to be back next Saturday

    See you in the gloom!

  7. Fudd your just plain mean. That burped lake was brutal! I welcomed the run to Columbus after that! Well done bro. Looking forward to seeing how other Q’s use the 1/2 mile lake loop!

  8. Thanks to Richmond PAX for welcoming me at the Dogpile. I managed to avoid a bona fide dogpile despite much burpeying and bearcrawling. Great Q, Fudd. I felt right at home, 4 hours Northeast of home. Thanks to the guys who partnered up with me, and to the Davidson College guys for reminiscing Steph Curry and such. Any of you make it down to Winston Salem anytime soon, look us up.

  9. Nice job Fudd! Burpee lake was a daunting start, but I think the bear crawl relay may have been the real crusher. I for one am glad you audibled is out of that early.

    Welcome to Loveseat and Undertow. Hope to see you guys in a future gloom.


  10. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    So sorry to have missed a Fuddski Q – looks like a heck of a beatdown – and I would expect nothing less from my buddy Fudd. Thanks for the messages pax our family really appreciated the condolences.
    See y’all in the gloom…

  11. No shortage of mischief when Fudd is Q. Enjoyed the excursion pal…coupled with a proper amount of pain. Bear Crawl Inchworm had me wishing for 30 degrees cooler and more lower-garments for all the PAX (and apologies to those who had to suffer the scenery behind Saab).