Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sitting on left hand


14 redwoods emerged from the fartsack to take on the activity of the day.  Sunny and 70 all around this morning.

The Thang:

Mosey to intersection across from the pavilion.  Mosey to Reveille church doing burpees and merkins along the way.   Enter Reveille church parking lot.  COP, disclaimer, 29x SSH, 15x arm circles (each way), and 20 Imperial walkers.  Mosey to parking lot behind church for triple check.  Merkins, dips, and run around parking lot (first forward, then backwards, then forwards).  Mosey to front of church for BBC.  One pax does Burpees, other pax bear crawls to brick patch, runs to end of street, backwards walks back to brick path and crab walks back.  Repeat x 3.  Second iteration.  One PAX does Lt. Dan’s, other pax lunges to end of street, reverse lunges back two light poles, and runs backwards to end of street.  Switch and repeat x2.  Mosey back to school and shovel flag.  Along the way do some more burpees, merkins, and backwards running.


TYA was hazing the PAX from Mechanicsville this morning, refusing to talk to them,  after some backlist comment chatter between Bleeder and Abacus.  Seems that after listening to the podcasts, Abacus wants to revert to the civil war.  Just to be clear here, although RVA is further south, i, THE Yankee Aggressor, am on the northern side of this battle (and always will be).  I may have lived in the state of VA longer than I lived in Massachusetts, but i will forever be a yankee (and damn proud of it).  Lots of folks were baffled by the banter and were wondering if there was a real fight going on between mechanicsville and other Richmond AO’s.  Just to put this rumor to bed, nothing to see here.  Just a little fun playing around.

We did a modified version of a workout we did a couple years ago when we originally visited Reveille (see Swirly, TYA or Conspiracy for a full description of the first trip and its origins).  It is good to go “off campus” every once in a while.  Shakes up the norms and brings in new possibilities and terrain. Amazing to me how we were able to get so much more done today versus two years ago.  Great work guys.  You are getting stronger everyday

Kotters to flashdance. He was back after a trip to Mexico and a couple days or recuperation.  Great to have him back today.  Lots of great mumble chatter between Toga and Lab Rat today.  Toga was pointing out how tough the Daville workouts must be because they need to have at least 2 Q’s to pull off a workout.  (Sorry for adding more fodder to the Daville, RVA discussion).  Saab in his ever so subtle way shared his thought on the subject by turning his shirt inside out.

On the way back to the flag, for a reason I cannot remember, Toga shared a neat trick about how to best put your left hand to sleep.  For more details or how and why, Toga will be happy to discuss at anytime.

Be Super.





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  1. Oh, yeah, I remember that workout feud with Conspiracy. I actually was a LIFO and ended up doing Conspiracy’s alternate Q that morning since you guys had gone off site. Lots of running and pullups, I recall.

  2. Brilliant Q and BB as always, TYA, The off campus(to the Left) adventure made it fell like a completely different AO; whilst still being the same AO; what a neat trick; and no hands were put to sleep.

    In the North-South arena, for those that want to dig into the Yankee Aggressor’s Name— TYA believes it originates from not being from Richmond, but he failed to realize that He was named because the Boston Red Sox are the Arch enemies of the New York Yankees; hence the Yankee Aggressor… TYA said it yourself, your are a Yankee, will you follow suit defect to one of the NFL & NHL teams as well? Your Friend, Bleeder

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Gents, great workout. It was good taking a trip off campus. Brought back memories and good to work out on some new turf.

    Bleeder, I know the origins of my name and still live my life consistent with the names origins. I never would defect from any Boston sports affiliates. Boston bred, Boston for life. I may now live in Virginia, and Richmond is my hometown, but my
    origins will not be forgotten.

    I was trying to keep things quiet this am in the neighborhood given some previous feedback from neighbors. Plan worked perfectly until we stumbled upon a dog and it’s owner in their front yard. Dog was loud, man quiet

  4. It’s good to be back this was a hard one to come home to!! Thanks for the welcome home celebration today!! Loved the off campus