Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

MANNdate Launch!


Ten enthusiastic men stormed the Washington-Henry Elementary school parking lot to fire up the first MANNdate AO located off of Mann Dr. in Mechanicsville.

Here is what went down…

Spit started the Q…

COP – SSHs, Don Quixotes, Goblet squats, LBCs, Arm circles

Mosey around the school over to the track. Pair up. Catch-me-if-you-can with one partner taking off running backwards with both kettle bells while the other does 5 burpees. Back-and-forth until two loops completed around the track.

The Carpenter took the Q next…

Continue with partners. One partner takes off lunging with his kettle bell in hand. The other partner does an exercise and then chases the partner. Switch and repeat until all exercises done twice. The exercises were (1) 10 swings (2) 20 presses – 10 for each arm (3) 10 situp presses. Run to the beginning and plank until everyone finished. 10 overhead presses at varying speeds.

Mudface took the Q next…

Continue with partners. Line up in pairs. The first pair takes off running around the track while the other pairs did (1) swings (2) halos (3) presses (4) copperhead squats. Death crawl to the next station after the running pair makes it around the track.

Circle up for “KB ring around the rosie”

Mosey back toward the SF…

Emoji took the Q for the finish… 50 tricep lifts with heads on the curb.

Numberama. Namerama. Announcements. The Carpenter took us out.


The troops were fired up for another new AO in Mechanicsville. The parking lot had multiple cars right after 5 am. The Carpenter didn’t follow directions and drove into the front entrance only to find that he had to exit in order to get over to the real parking lot. He then followed Helix who went into another parking lot that wasn’t connected to the real parking lot. They both eventually found the entrance off of Mann Dr. This shows that guys really don’t read instructions since it was made clear to enter from Mann Dr. and not Shady Grove Rd.

Abacus jumped out of his car with higher energy than ever. Mumble chatter included statements like, “Did he take a Lab Rat pill this morning?” and other noteworthy quotes. Spit welcomed everyone to the start of the new AO and we were off to the races.

New territory provides new possibilities and new questions. The sound of a rabid dog barking on the other side of the fence from the field raised questions of the need for a potential kettle bell run (away from the dogs). The PAX went to work and knocked out the exercises with intensity. The biggest challenge was finding a way to create a circle. The PAX couldn’t make one simply by sitting down so we had to rework it. We then launched into the “kb ring around the rosie.” There were some clear blockage points where 4, 5 even 6 kettle bells piled up… No names will be shared here but we will be watching this closely in the future…

This morning was an encouraging launch of another AO with a lot of promise. Every post fights off the Sad Clown in us. Let’s keep posting. Let’s keep fighting. Let’s keep building strength together.


  • Extra kettle bells and weights were provided Bleeder. Donations can go to him to help feed the homeless.
  • Ashcreek 5K in Mechanicsville (neighborhood next The Creek) on May 20th. F3 will be fielding a big team and securing a booth to get the word out. Register here – The race website is here –





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  1. Great Job fellas! Thanks to everyone that was apart of this launch. Iron sharpens Iron!!

    Can’t wait to see how this AO does!! That now make 4 AO’s in Mechanicsville! What will be next!?!

  2. Thanks to the three headed beast that led this morning. It was exciting to try something totally new for me. Did not enjoy the rain. Next week will be better weather! 🙂

  3. Nice work this morning, Q’s.

    One correction: Lab Rat has the weights, which were donated by Bleeder…but money can goes to Lab Rat, not Bleeder. We have several 10 and 15 lb kettlebells left, if anybody is interested in getting ones for the 2.0’s or the M.

  4. Franchise fees for this workout can be directed to the Circus Maximus founders, JVille and Rosie. Cash is preferred.

  5. We borrowed heavily from the Circus Maximus crew without a doubt. Payment may come in something other than cash…

  6. Good work out there this morning! I was waiting for the howling dogs to crash through the fence and take a bite out of someone’s leg. Style points go to Spit for his blue kettle bell. I’m glad that we didn’t follow through on the joke of playing kettle bell soccer because our feet would be smashed if that was the case. Great start, Fellas!

  7. Kettle Bell??? There were no bells but there was some bark out in DaVille – – Good to be back in the Pax after a short vacation. I am feeling the need to invade the south soon. Who wants to go down and steal some lexicon, sweat and methods of torture? Batteau, No Toll, River Run, Source of Truth, Grid Iron?

  8. Abacus – You are on a roll today. What did you eat last night? You came zooming into MANNdate like a bat out of a cave and you have been on offense ever since!

  9. The Carpenter – I listened to a ton of the pod casts and I am done being discussed as the after thought who can’t throw down on BBs or bring it to a work out. Corporate – you are on notice! We have more AOs per mile in DaVille then the rest of RVA. And get ready – the war of northern aggression will be the good old days once we come down to Richmond proper.

  10. There aint no party like a campos party cause a campos party dont stop!

    Lab Rat is starting up a campos chapter in the RVA….no cadence counting (gay), no circle up (stupid). Working on bulking up about 50 lbs. now to get ready. Already got my Tshirt design…I own the Carillon.

  11. That’s my formal F3 name….like when I have to go to Bleeder HQ and deal with people that might announce my name over a PA system.

  12. Mark 13:32-33 However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows. And since you don’t know when that time will come, be on guard! Stay alert!

    So at DaVille F3 we take head…

    Mark 1:35
    Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed and did a F3 workout in DaVille.

  13. In a letter to the DaVillains; Paul wrote, for there to be a DaVille, the RVA must rise first, for without the latter DaVille would be stuck with a Lab Rat without an actual name, and no one to talk to.

  14. Is that TYA? Oh smack, I must got to the mothership and fast and post for 3 days. Lab Rat without a name?? Is Campos coming?

  15. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job starting a new AO gents. Sounds like a good start. 10 posted and 10+10+6 comments on the backblast so far…