Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I took care of the M last night


8 motivated and fleet posted for a morning spider run.  Weather was 70 and sunny, no humidity.

The Thang:

Warm up lap around the lake, mosey to bottom of hill from lake.  Pair up (with someone of differing skills).  We did a circle loop (approximately .85 miles).  One pax runs the hill one way, other pax the other way.  Meet in the middle and turn around. Repeat 2x then switch directions and repeat two more times.  Keep going until 6:15.


Today was essentially hill repeats with a partner.  For the slower partner (me, since I was with Marv), distance was a little bit less, but since the top of each run was relatively flat, you got the benefit of just as much of the hills.  I was having a “wilson” moment before the run as I was really stressed out about having an odd number or runners because I would have had to adjust the plan.  Thankfully, 8 showed and all was right with the universe.

I was grumpy coming into the run today due to a not so stellar day yesterday.   Posting to the run definitely helped in a couple of ways.  First, just exercising is always good.  Running puts some good endorphins in your body and sets your mind straight.  Second F always helps at the end too, just hanging out for few minutes just BSing makes the small issues fall away.  Finally, hearing someone else’s struggles and issues tends to make your’s minor.  One of the new PAX members talked about a challenge he and is family is currently facing.  They were clearly attacking the issue with some vigor and a positive attitude.  Inspirational and a reset to what a real problem looks like.

Happy Valentines day everyone.  Someone suggested that Sippy and Marv should hold hands skipping up the hill on their way back to St. Stephens (I did not pass them, so no confirmation whether they heeded the advice).  For advice on marital bliss on or around Valentines day, see Saab.


Happy hour Wednesday at Ardent 530pm.

Lot of running events happening in April.  Two, Ragnar and Smokey mountain Relay, are team events.  Toga and Swirly have set these events up in anticipation of folks participating (and with expressed interest by a lot of PAX).  Now that it is time for the events, they are having trouble getting enough participation.  Let’s not leave our brothers holding the bag…..


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB and Q TYA !
    Well done today guys – my calves are smoked…
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. The brotherhood is real and sometimes encouragement comes from unexpected places. Keep helping each other along and we’ll all make it together!

    Nice work fellas!

  3. Nice BB TYA, Kudos for getting it up early, The rest of the day is for you to enjoy your V D….

  4. V D… ? That would throw a wrinkle in anyone’s valentine’s day plans.

    Nice Q TYA. Just enough ambiguity to keep everyone on their tows. Perfect by my account.

    Bleeder wasn’t there today but there was a fine Italian neon green race car there today. Blazing up and down the hills.

    Great work all!

  5. Truly smoked by the run today TYA…Nice evil-twin from what Splinter introduced a few weeks ago. Thanks for partnering with me Taxi…

    Again I learn the lesson that sharing too much (or just a bit too little) can come back to bite you.

    It was good to chat with Mile High on my run home. I agree with what you said about his positive attitude, and it really places my current challenges in perspective.

  6. TYA, as brutal as it was, I was happy you chose the circle loop/hill repeats. Good start to the day. Sorry, Saab, you were paired with me again. Mile High, glad you made it out for the experience and will continue.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Ha – yeah I was thinking they were more the Swedish flag colors but I like thew Italian race car much better..
    Way to fly today Splinter !!

  8. Tough workout TYA. Mile High–it was nice being paired with you this morning. Welcome to F3! From the backblast, I guess Marv and I missed out some good conversation post-workout.