Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bump n’ Grind


A fitting 14 beating hearts gathered in the gloom of Huguenot Park for a NoToll V-Day beatdown.

EF planted the flag, here’s how it went down.

Slaughter starter – 10 Burpees

Fore-Mosey around outer rim of the AO and back to first field before penetrating the body of the workout.

COP – all in rhythmic cadence

  • Imperial Walkers
  • Ball Dippers
  • Arm Circles
  • Don Quixotes (Speed up then slow it back down)
  • Box Cutters
  • Crabcakes

Mosey to end of field

Partner/ Threesome Tango (Plankorama between rounds – Regular Missionary, Spooning, Wives’ Choice, Reach Around)

  • Partner 1 5 burpees run to catch Partner 2 bear crawling down field – Team completes 5 burpees together – Flip and continue down field
  • Partner 1 10 WWII situps run to catch Partner 2 bunny hopping down field – Team does 10 WWIIs together – Flip and continue down field
  • Partner 1 20 SSHs run to catch Partner 2 lunging down field –Team does 20 SSHs together – Flip and continue down field
  • Mosey over to side of field – team Wheelbarrow width of field, change positions as desired; alternative crabwalk due to slippery moist conditions

Tunnel of Love set to the soundtrack of many ‘90s APDs

Mosey around fields and continue to Basketball Courts

Rounds of Mary – Freddie Mercuries, American Hammers, LBCs, Merkins, Extended APDs (50 2 ct Thrusts IC)

Big Finish – 10 Burpees

Mosey back to SF, Numberama, Nameorama, COT


YHC couldn’t care less about the Hallmark holiday that is February 14th, but YHC does care about getting stronger and building endurance, thus designed a beatdown to get the blood flowing, heart pumping, and muscles bulging while preparing the PAX to go all night long (at the upcoming races obviously).  Apparently some of the PAX really wanted to triple team the Tango given that the Q was left partnerless and had to join up with Bleeder and Singer only to later find out the PAX was an even 14.  What gives?  YHC is a thoughtful and giving partner.  As YHC offered up the crabwalk alternative to Wheelbarrowing, McRib was quick to point out that his hands were ready to glide all over the lubed up back side of Huguenot Park.  The jazzy medley of R Kelly and Boys II Men really made the PAX sweat as each member took turns going deep into the tunnel of love.  Mumble chatter really picked up before chaos ensued as YHC kept going and going and going during the APDs.  Some of the PAX moaned don’t stop while the others were already spent.  Great work today men, if you’re still excited about this workout after 4 hours seek help from a doctor.  If you know some sad clowns in need of a group of strong sweaty men keep EHing, eventually no will become yes.


If you want:

Beer – See Lockjaw

Golf – See Fudd

Run – See TYA, Toga, or SAAB, he’s always got the runs

Talk – See LabRat

Success Habits and Being Super – See Hardywood

Mood – See R Kelly

EF Hutton Has Spoken.


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  1. Way to bring it this morning EFH…though I’m pretty sure 14 men, a tunnel of love, 51 APDs and R. Kelly all in the same beatdown is a felony in most states.

    Strong work men! See you in the gloom

  2. Great Q, Hutton. Beautiful morning with bright moon casting PAX shadows on the lush NoToll fields. Happy VD, Kimberly!

  3. Well Done EF Hutton!! the wheel barrow with Singer was High Speed!

    DK’s Happy VD excitement might also get checked out by a doctor,

  4. Nice work EFH. Are we sure that song wasn’t on repeat? DK was overly excited to spread his Happy VD cheer. I think M DK is that one that might need to be checked.

  5. EF you brought it today! In the clown car to No Toll I stated we might be facing a light running workout after we say who had Q! Boy was I wrong! Nice job mixing it up!

  6. EF – I can explain the odd/even confusion. I snuck in as a LIFO during the Tango and just followed one of the PAX. I think I was successful in sneaking in as only Viral may have noticed an additional PAX member following his every move!

    Great Q (at least the part I was there for) and backblast!

  7. A day late…
    Tunnel of Love, VD Celebrations with R Kelley and Boyz II Men-GREAT WAY to start THE Day!!
    And as always, NO TOLL fields were nice and frozen over!
    See you men in the gloom!