Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Clara Barton Got Nothing On Me


5 fearless warriors sought to rise the dawn of a new day.

It went a little something like this.

COP IC: SSH X 20, Imperial Walker X 15, 6 Inch Snow Angel X 15, Merkin X 10

4 Corners – Mosey to tennis court and complete four rounds of the following.  Merkins, Jump Squats, LBC, Freddie Mercury.  On round 1 do 5 of each exercise, round 2 do 10, round 3 do 15 of each exercise, round 4 do 20 of each exercise.

Bear Squared – Complete two loops round the tennis court by bear crawling.  On the first loop perform 2 burpees in each corner.  On the second loop complete 3 burpees in each corner.

Fiverrr – Complete 5 rounds of the following – 20 dips, 10 Captain Thor, 5 decline merkins

11s – Start with 1 decline merkin, run up the hill and complete 10 WWII situps.  You know the drill.

Mosey back to flag.

Merkin Ring of Fire, 30 IC American Hammer

Numberama, Namerama, Swirly lead us out.

Moleskin:  Big shout to Wheelbarrow.  You absolutely crushed it this morning.  As a recent edition to the F3RVA tribe, you have made great strides.  YHC has come to believe that sippy cup spends his weekends consuming super foods and practicing perfect merkin technique.

There are lots of running events in the coming weeks.  If you like loops see Toga, if you like mountains see TYA and the fans of vans full of sweaty men should also see TYA.  See Fudd for a great cause and golf.

Be super.




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  1. Nice work gents! Sorry I couldn’t be there but I was still recovering from Hardywood’s killer workout on Saturday! 😀

  2. Hardywood–great Q and thanks for the compliments on my form. That bear crawl 4 corners was brutal!