Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Three of the PAX ripped open their spinach cans and gulped down the contents for an ambulatory KB workout, heavy emphasis on the arms below the elbows.


x25 SSHs IC and x10 8-Count BBs Pan Pax IC

2 Mile Circuit of KB Carries between 25 and 55 lbs. (mobile transition handoffs encouraged and necessary) and with multiple x10 L and R KB Presses and L and R KB Curls in motion and interspersed with, among other things, the following respites:

x25 IWs IC, x10 8-Count BBs Pan Pax IC, x25 DQs IC, x10 8-Count BBs Pan Pax IC, x50 KB Pullovers IC, x25 Small Fwrd Arm Circles IC, x25 APDs IC, x10 8-Count BBs Pan Pax IC, x50 KB Pullovers IC, x25 Seal Jacks IC, x12 KB R Snatches OYO, x12 KB L Snatches OYO, x10 APDs IC, x5 APD L Extended IC, x5 APDs R Extended IC, and x10 APDs IC.

COT: Numberama and Namearama and Prayer of gratitude and supplication at Einstein’s.

Moleskin: We missed some of our regulars but WhiteDeer was determined not to spare the absentees from his good-natured disparagement. To be fair though, flames were fueled the evening before when WD apparently endured the derision of Mrs. J’Ville during a chance encounter at a local south side dining establishment. Being far more articulate (and acerbic) than her lesser half, Mrs. J’Ville succeeded where J’Ville has repeatedly failed – she left WD feeling less like a 12 point buck and more like an albino field mouse. J’Ville, NightCrawler, Cecil, Attila, and FlipPhone would be pleased to know that WD’s 8-Count BBs resembled convulsions defying medical explanation. On the other hand, CB posted with his usual quiet and efficient strength and fluidity, and brought his customary thoughtful observations to the fine dining we enjoyed at Einstein’s. Our numbers were modest, but the fellowship suffered not – thanks men!

Stand Firm!


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