Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The family that stays together, plays together, aka study up on the exicon before coming to an Opus workout


14 eager and somewhat feisty PAX members showed up on a cold Friday morning for their beatdown.  This is what transpired…

Semi-long Mosey around the church and the big field, back to parking lot for opening circle frivolity.

YHC thinks these numbers are accurate.  There is no way to know for sure, though, since Abacus was in the fartsack.

SSH x 30,  Smurf Jacks X20,

Crunchy Frogs X18,   LBC’s x25

Rotating Merkins X25,    Plank Jacks X30

Red Bull Smurf Jacks X20 (Ouch)

Booyah Merkin Mixer —

Bear Crawl to a friend, do 7 Boo yah merkins with them, bear crawl to another friend.

Repeato until you have done this with 5 friends.

When you get to the last friend, stay with and do 25 rotating jump squats.  Head to field.

The Family that Stays Together —

YHC had a card that only he could see with 12 different ways to move from place to place.  PAX member called out a random number from 1-12 corresponding to the card and we moved to the next corner that way.  When we got to a corner, we did a different ab exercise for a minute and 15 seconds. ( A minute seemed way too short) 🙂

Bear Crawl length of field, Heels to Heaven

Skip width of field, Reach Throughs

Frog Jump length of field, Reverse Crunches (see notes in recap)

Chop Feet, American Hammers

High Knees, Freddy Mercurys

Head to pavilion for 10, 15, 20 dips and derkins.

Back to flag for Superman and Ring of fire Merkins


YHC spent some time studying the F3 exicon for this particular beatdown.  Every once in a while, the PAX was a little confused on what they were supposed to do.  YHC called out Reverse Crunches and looked around — every PAX member was doing something totally different.  SMH. I think they had fun with the newer exercises, though.

[On a side note to Corporate, YHC  thinks we should somehow incorporate a Red Bull Smurf Jack challenge some time soon.  Those kicked butt today.]

YHC needs a new watch and a new pair of gloves.  Watch totally farted out on me during the timed exercises.  They don’t make Timex watches like they used to.  By the end of the workout, YHC thought his fingers were going to freeze off.  Emoji offered up his hand warmers, which were amazing.  Will be buying some soon.  See you in the gloom!

Announcements :

BRR-see TYA, Smokey Mountain Relay-see Swirly, Ragnar-see Toga, Ashcreek 5K-see Spit







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  1. “On a side note to Corporate, YHC thinks we should somehow incorporate a Red Bull Smurf Jack challenge some time soon. Those kicked butt today”

    There is an F3 saying: If you are looking for someone to do something, you just became that someone. Tag, Opus is it.

  2. Great Q this morning Opus! Every bit of it was challenging with all the new exercises. Those Red Bull Smurf jacks were brutal!!

    Also I feel that has to be one of the longest titles ever.

    Correction LabRat: I don’t believe that was Opus’ VQ. I’m pretty sure he has Q one or twice before (correct me if I’m wrong Opus!)

  3. I Q’ed in December at the Creek. Excited about doing it again! I have so much more energy when I Q than normal.

  4. My apologies. Makes me feel better I missed this morning though. When you going to jump on DaVille though? Or 45MOM?