Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sneaking in a run


Lucky number 13 posted for some kettle bell slinging action and still managed to get in their 1 mile challenge committment.

Thang: Warmup COP= SSH, merkins, Bridge and Reach, Spiderman Twists, unweighted goblet squats

Round 1: Sumo Squat and press x10, Deadlift and drop squat x10, Switch Swing x10: Repeato x2 (some random KB swings and ab work thrown in)

Round 2: Execute 40 push press and 10 goblet squats then run the circle.  Repeato while decreasing  presses by 10 and increasing squats by ten each round (30-20, 20-30, 10-40).  Heal touches over bell to collect the six

Round 3: Head to the columns, partner up and partner 1 bear crawls with kb while partner 2 executes 10 swings.  Run to partner and switch then repeato with 10x cleans and 10x snatch until each partner has completed each set.  Finished with varied speed Freddy Mercuries

Round 4: Mosey to curb for pull overs and heal touches over bell

Mosey back to parking lot for assembly line bell passes


NMM:  Ye old back was still feeling it from the Anemone of Doom that Sippy Cup doled out yesterday.  That said, the PAX was ready to go and there seemed to be some expectation that YHC would be in rare form after it was insinuated that JVille was the grumpier.  YHC was in too good of a mood to reset the bar today, but there will be opportunities in the future.  The leading theory is that JVille is only the Mayor of Grumpville when leading.  YHC would encourage the PAX to test the theory.  White Deer stepped it up to sit in the heckler’s chair today, but most conversation was ended in round 2.

YHC remains humbled that the PAX gets it done no matter what you throw at them.  Having never done the circuit we did in round 2, it was hard to gauge how long it would take.  Rosie and Gumbo rolled right through it with everyone else not far behind.  Honey Do then put his kettle bell dragging knuckles to work and was part of the only team to make it down and back during round 3.  Well done by all!

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  1. Good Q, Toga. You threw me off with the 20-20 instruction during Round 2: Everything should add up to 50: 40-10, 20-20, 10-40. I stood there, as confused as Fudd would be…glad Gumbo was there to clarify.

  2. Another great Circus Q Toga. You always bring some new moves. I’m pretty sure the Superman Twist broke something in my back. Those 50-Lindsays add up too man. Strong beatdown. Glad I posted today.