Thursday, September 16
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Super Bowl chicken wings and fermented beverages were no match for five fellows posting for The Punisher.  After brief greetings at the ShovelFlag we went at it like so:

COP in school sideyard with 15 x Side Straddle Hops, 10 x Imperial Walkers, 10 x Don Quixotes, and Arm Circles with 10 small and 5 big both forwards and reverse.

Quick mosey to the pavilion for 13 Acres Baker’s Dozen.  Thirteen exercises completed in sequence:  Carolina Dry Docks, Alternating Front Lunges, Box Cutters, Incline Merkins, Alternating Side Lunges, Flutter Kicks, Decline Merkins, Back Lunges, American Hammers, Merkins, Squats, Little Baby Crunches, and Mountain Climbers.  Start with 13 of the first exercise and complete 7 of the remaining exercises. Continue rounds of the same exercises moving the 13 reps while continuing 7 of the other exercises.  PAX completed 9 rounds.  In the ninth round, we completed 13 reps of the last 5 exercises replacing the Mountain Climbers with Burpees.

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YHC promised a post-Super Bowl friendly workout and opted for a ground and pound routine rolled out at prior versions of The Punisher.  As discussed in earlier attempts, we might make it through the rounds if the initial COP warmups are reduced.  We could also pick up the pace.

Welcome to FNG Bunny Slope.


Efforts to fill out Blue Ridge Relay, Ragnar Relay and Smokey Mountain Relay teams continue – check with TYA, Toga, and Swirly respectively if you are interested.  Registration may still be open for the Belmonte race – we have F3 brothers shooting for different distances.

Lockjaw is heading up a 2nd F Hump Day Happy Hour on Wednesday, 2/15 at Ardent in Scott’s Addition.


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