Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The PAX Gets Flatlined at NoToll


An atypical NO TOLL morning of no cold temps and no rain lead to a STRONG presence as 17 members showed up to No Toll with a majority bum rush within the last 7 minutes. Leading my second Q, I wanted to work on 6 workout commands and counting. I accomplished one…

 C.O.P- x12 Merkins, x24 Leg Kicks, x36 S.S.H, x24 Don Quixote’s (poor counting), x12 Arm                     Circles

 Mosey to soccer field and partner up:

  • x1 field run while partner dips, switch
  • X1 field run and partner mountain climbs, switch
  • x1 field run with partner on his back, legs 6 inches of the ground

 Time to mosey to basketball court….Suicide runs with partner…4 Evolutions

  • Forward suicide and switch, completing 100 squat jumps
  • Backward suicide and switch, completing 150 Merkins
  • Forward suicide and switch, completing 200 Freddie Mercuries
  • Bear Crawl suicide and switch, completing 250 LBC’s

 Mosey back to soccer field….Catch Me if You Can with partner….x30 Imperial Walkers while partners lundges across the soccer field and back…..toward the finish, PAX was reaching E on the tank so Q called one more exercise.. 

 The Q and PAX finished with modified ROF-x5 Diamond Merkins together to finish a gratifying morning workout!!

 Numberama, Namerama


  • Several charity golf tournaments in the spring-see Wilson (May tourney) or Fudd (April tourney)
  • April-many opportunities to run – see TYA, Swirly, TOGA
  • Johnsville has Q at SOT on 2/8 and promised less running!!

Great show of force this am!! I am proud to be part of this group and one day, I will have this 3 count figured out!!

No Limit on What You Can Achieve Today!!




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  1. Nice Q Flatline. Your melodic cadence almost lulled us to sleep but the Bear-icides nearly flatlined us. Good work men!

  2. 2 more than Daville, but who is counting. Glad to get the mile in as well, we had time to discuss the March Monthly challenge: 3,000 Kettlebell Swings. Pax now have ample time to get one.

  3. Nice job Flatline! Miscounting or not it was a solid beat down.

    Thanks for leading and excellent numbers for all F3rva AOs today.