Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Captain Cecil’s Virgin Q ” No Throttling Back- A Non Stop Event”


Six brave men faced the cold tarmac and the frozen tundra on Saturday morning at the Gridiron for takeoff in a 21 degree headwind.

This was Captain Cecil’s Virgin Q no throttling back – a non stop event

This is Cecil. Warm up 30 SSH, Don Quiotes, Forward and Reverse arm circles, Imperial Walkers.
Workout: Football field run 20 yards then do 10 merkans then run 20 yards and do 9 merlons all the way down to 1 merman. Mosey to runway. Ran 200 yards or meters not sure then jog across field before partner runs his 200 meters and tags you to run again. We did 1 set of 3. Two sets of 25 leg lifts. One partner did 10 burpees while the other did LBCs then switch. We did a set of 10 burpees a set of 15 burpees and a set of 10 burpees. Then the Q was passed to Whitedeer, which was then that the heavy lifting started:

Boat-Canoe w/ KB
Boat – Canoe Press with KB
Circle up for “Kb ring around the Rosie”.
Pass KB around clockwise as fast as you can
Drop kb to ground let buddy pick up
Pass kb to buddy with dropping to ground
Pass kb to buddy with right hand – grab kb from other buddy with one hand
25 Merkins
25 One hand arm swings
25 Push- Press each hand
25 Alabama Prom Dates
25 Halos each way
25 Goblet Squats to push press
25 KB Pull overs
25 KB Pull overs to Press
25 KB figure 8’s CW & CCW
25 KB “around the world” CW & CCW

Farmer carry to internal parking lot island. Crab crawl around island curb x (2)
Farmers carry to restroom curb for 25 kb rows each arm
25 KB curb Pull overs to press
30 yard sprint to west side of parking lot, sprint back.
Fast walk with KB to west side parking lot and back
30 yard sprint to west side of parking lot, sprint back.



During the football run/merkin challenge, no one could beat Earthworm or White-deer on the first 100yards. When it comes to those merkins, the double nickel duo will beat anyone on the field. Its’s WD, no it’s Earthworh… Earthworm by a nose. There must of been one hell of a head wind on the way back. We won’t report the results of the second 100 yards. Captain Cecil would have called it an air bleed event.

When running the Captain’s 200 yard relay, JV either experienced an extreme wind shear, landing gear malfunction or a blown tire. Fortunately Captain Cecil’s wife is a flight Mechanic ( PT) and was called in during refueling and suggested several stretches to help mend the knee.

During the KB ring around the Rosie, Captain Cecil must have had engine failure or his flaps froze on take off, the KB just seem to backup on the tarmac.

Earthworm thought the KB was Rosie and put his hands underneath  and tried to scoop her up. He underestimated her weight and dropped her on the ground. Fortunatley she landed softly on his thumb. Ouch!

We thank Captain Cecil for his virgin Q. One hell of a take off for his first and he had full Control of his Pax right out the gate on the tarmac. He had a well prepared flight plan and knew all the F3 call signs but was very cautious  of landing on his back side on the tarmac for pole-smokers.

Special Moleskin:

Tried to get our Gridiron resident staff lawyers to make a judgement on the following:
1- if a faithful F3 (JV) called out a Saturday Gridiron Fart Sack on a Friday night then posted on Saturday, are you still considered a “fartsack” ?
2- If a faithful F3 tries to coverup for another faithful F3 for not posting and claims they were really sick and then you find out, it was just sniffles. Do we call them “fartsackers” or some thing else?

Attila we know your out there and we keep you in our prayers, hope to see you at the next CM

Trying to keep the captains log short and stored in the “black box ”

White Deer



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  1. That was a lot of unpleasantness dished out by the “Lion King” and his side kick White Deer at the GridIron. Really great first half VQ and very strong second half ironworks. Well done men, and many thanks as always.