Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rise Up and Get Buck





13 PAX rose up and got buck at 45MOM.


COP: Hammer Dance x~20, Power Dance x~20, Dirty Birds x~20, Mariah Careys x10 each leg, Pickle Pounders IC x10.

Mosey to the basketball court for Triple Check: hip-slappers, WWII situps, backwards run/forwards sprint.

Mosey to the field for Bear-Crab Futbol. Each time the ball goes out of bounds, all PAX perform 5 Burpees. If a team scores, they perform 10 Monkey Humpers to celebrate. The scoring team names an exercise for the other team to perform 20 reps.

Mosey to the side wall of the school for the Ascending Testicle: 10 derkins with feet at 15 degrees, 10 at 45 degrees, 10 in BTTW position.

Groundhog Day – mosey back to the basketball court for the same Triple Check.

Mosey back to the flag for COT.

YHC ended the disclaimer by asking TYA to complete the sentence: If a PAX is perfectly capable of performing an exercise, but chooses not to, then…. His response was “he’s a fish taco,” or something like that. PAX then proceeded to perform three exercises in honor of the Super Bowl-bound Atlanta Falcons.

The Q’s counting was a little off due to lack of practice and deafening mumblechatter, but PAX seemed forgiving. The mumblechatter was reduced to stunned silence by the end of the beatdown. YHC will work on ways to spread it out a bit.

After a swift kick out of bounds to get the Burpees going, the bear team scored within 10 seconds by threading a shot through the D and into the kid-sized goal (Marv? Singer? TYA? McRib? – it was a blur). PAX switched sides/positions, then Flipper willed a goal for the new bears. The 1-1 deadlock persisted for several minutes and a bazillion burpees, so YHC declared a golden goal overtime. The original bears scored within a minute for the victory. The losing team performed two sets of Mariah Careys, and the winning team performed one set of Hammer Dances.

The Ascending Testicle was in honor of Sippy Cup and Chum Bucket who each posted solo to AOs in snowy freezing weather recently. Props to you gents, and hope your anatomy has dropped back into place.

Best wishes to the PAX down and out with illnesses and injuries.

Lunch today at 12 at Wong’s.  Races: Belmonte (TYA) in March, Smoky Mountain (Swirly) and Ragnar (Toga) relays in April.  Suicide awareness and prevention golf tournament (Fudd) in April.



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  1. Great to meet Swiper this morning. Also, great to have Slurpee back out there, who secured the AO.

  2. Great Q Offshore! The dance-inspired exercises will need to be conducted only under complete darkness to avoid risk of losing our man cards.

  3. This mornings workout left me feeling liberated but ashamed. Perhaps this felt a little too much like TYAs karate class he invited me to, but I did not have the heart to tell him is was a hybrid knock off of TaiBo and Zoomba. The only thing more surprising than Swirly not being there, is that Offshore showed up without Hammer Pants or a Shake Weight. Good on you for being who you are. Welcome back Slurpee. Here’s to everyone feeling better and finally putting an end to small pox forever. Be super.

  4. Nice job Offshore. That was a lot of fun and interesting at the same time. I never knew the Pax could move like that until this AM.

    Also good to have Slurpee back in the fold. Way to secure the AO.

    Great job by all this AM.


  5. Thanks for the good Q Offshore! Great to see everyone and good to be back, thanks for the warm welcome!

  6. What’s with this questioning Hammer’s (or your own) manhood based on dance-inspired exercises? Time to get buck!

  7. Interesting stuff. Note that I didn’t ask you to dance next to Usher. Y’all are ready for Hammer’s posse, though!

  8. About two hours after this beatdown I had this nagging injury that just wouldn’t go away. I went to an orthopedic friend of mine and I got a diagnosis… it’s official I sprained “My Groove Thing”… please Hammer(offshore) Don’t Hurt’em