Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beating Swirly to the AO


11 determined stalwarts posted for a Wednesday morning beatdown…weather was perfect, 70 and sunny.

The Thang:

Mosey across the street towards the lake, stop at the triangle at the top of the street.  COP including 25x SSH, 10x Don Quixote, 15x Imperial walkers, 25x LBC, and 13 merkins.  Mosey further down the street to the gate for the 1k 5k.  Groups of two perform 100 burpees, 200 captain thors, 300 Merkins and 400 2 count Freddy Mercury’s.  One PAX exercises while the other runs a 1/4 mile.  Team completes 1000 exercises and 5000+ meters.  Mosey to street.  Lt Dan’s down the street.  Run back across the street to the shovel flag.  YHC takes us out and we are all off to our days.


A ton of mumble chatter and confusion this morning ensued because of missing PAX.  First off, Swirly and the blue truck were not at their appointed spot at 5am and that threw several of us off.  YHC was scouting out the route for the day and since BT did not see Swirly, he got confused, looked up the Q sheet and headed over toward the lake to see if the location had change.  Fortunately, he followed me back to the usual spot.  Also, I had trouble trying to figure out where to park.  It is easy when Swirly is there, just park behind him.  Without him, i could not tell where our regular spot was…I took a guess and I think I got it right.  Since the AO was not secured without Swirly there, I decided to head off campus to a safer spot ?

Also before the workout everyone was confused who was to Q as Bleeder was not in attendance either.  It appears that all are reading the Q sheet now to see who is on deck.

Heal quickly Swirly and Bleeder.  They have caught the bug the is going around that was started by patient zero (circle K).  YHC battled the same illness a month ago, and it took a good month to feel back to normal for me.

“Swipe right” was in rare form this am.  The PAX’s knowledge of tinder terms and philosophies grows guy the day (even if we do not want any more knowledge on that front).  Also of note for “Swipe right” is that he is trying to get ready to pass a range test (5 miles in 40 minutes).  He better start running with Sippy and Saab….but if he does, they will whip him into shape quickly.

Hardwood and Flipper were talking about he finer points of Karate classes.  Their terminology was foreign to me.  They must have taken a different class.


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  1. Wow, burpees were the special of the day, it appears. LugNut treated us to 10 minutes of burpees at SOT…thanks guys.

    The 1K, 5K looks brutal and awesome. Well done TYA.

    Hope all the patients recover quickly. The “bug” has Rosie down for a 10-count also.

    The students will have to become the masters this week.

  2. Solid beatdown as always TYA. 100 burpees to start the 1k/5k was no joke. It was a welcome treat to be able to workout mid week with F3. Glad to see the workouts haven’t gotten too easy in my absence.

    Get better soon Swirly and Bleeder……your presence was missed today.

  3. I have to say…PANIC set in for a hot second. NO SWIRLY or blue truck!! Than NO BLEEDER who had the Q………Must be on death’s bed!! And everyone’s parking spot was way off!!
    “Swipe Right” with Toocan is hilarious as was his chatter!! Hardywood and Flipper need to bring those karate classes to the Q.
    Nice Beatdown TYA!! See you’ll at the gloom!

  4. TYA heck of a beatdown and glad to be back in the gloom. It felt like an alternative universe without Swirly… missed you brother. Also TYA Legwarmers are not a substitute for a Gi … Step ball change is not a Kill move, and the coffee grinder is not the same as a leg sweep. Spreading Good Chi to all from Flipper Do Karate.

  5. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Really weird (for me at least) to pull up and be the only one in the parking lot. Definitely thought I had the wrong day, until I saw TYA pass and head to the lake. Then I thought I missed a location change. Either way, I agree with Fudd about the burpees. Really good to have Hardywood as a partner on 1k/5k, too. Way to push my man. Well done!

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    AAAAHHHH – I’m crawling my way back out of the crud…. Thanks for holding the fort fella’s – sorry to miss this beatdown….