Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Meaning behind the Lamppost


Four souls ventured into the cool, dark morning for bootcamp, what else would they be doing outside at 5:30 AM.

The thang:

Mosey to the valley of doom – 25 SSH, 15 Don Q, 10 Derkins, 20 flutterkicks

Mosey down Hate Hill to the pond.

No man left behind – run around pond, perform ladder of exercise at each lamppost increasing up to ten, when finished run back to the last man in the Pax. Round 1 – merkins, round 2 – four-count mountain climbers, round 3 – two-count squats, round 4 – burpees (but only 10 burpees before running, not every lamppost)

Lindsays – dips and Freddie M.

Mosey back up Hate Hill to flag.


Little late getting this one out, YHC’s bad. As Bleeder said, sometimes the simple workouts are the hardest. This one didn’t take much effort to create, but it certainly felt difficult. Hate Hill continues to be a source of pain for some of the Pax, YHC included, on the way home to the flag. Just brutal.

There is one lamppost currently without light  around the pond, and a perfect total of ten lampposts. This might be helpful for anyone wanting to Q at Batteau. For some reason the  lampposts surrounding the pond reminded YHC of the meaning of the lamppost in The Chronicles of Narnia. Supposedly the beacon of light between the two worlds and the question of its origin is the iconic image that convinced CS Lewis to write more than one book. Trotting around the pond in the wee hours can feel a little bit eerie in itself.

YHC doesn’t recall any announcements being voiced, but this morning at NoToll Hardywood announced he was going to attend The Avett Brothers this spring, so there’s that.




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