Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You never know who might be listening


Eight redwoods posted for super coupon Monday.  Here’s how it went down:

Thang:  Mosey to field by school for warmup COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Strict “Sippy Cup” Merkins, Goblet Squats

Mosey to basketball court for suicides: 1. Suicides with coupons and flutter kicks finisher, 2. Suicides with coupons and burpee finisher, 3. Unweighted suicide

Mosey to wall and partner up:

  1. One person executes Wonderbras while partner does 10 burpees, repeato x3
  2. One person holds BTTW while partner executes 20 kettlebell swings, repeato x3
  3. Unweighted suicide
  4. Mosey to playground where one partner completes 10 weighted step ups while partner does froggers, repeato x3
  5. Complete max pull-ups (unassisted and then continuing with spot)

Mosey to flag for Mary fun:

  1. Face your partner and execute sit-ups with coupon pass for 2 min
  2. Partner one does 10 coupon presses while partner executes flutter kicks, repeato x3


NMM:  Someone who shall remain nameless (Hint: name rhymes with blob) recently stated in some rather blasphemous words that they would never lift a kettle bell.  Challenge accepted!  The PAX was greeted with an array of coupons befitting an F3 coupon Monday: 45# kb, 35# kb, 2 25# db, cinder block, and one 25# kb kindly lent by Mr Bucket.  Hilarity ensued as it quickly became evident to the PAX that nobody was getting out without carrying some weight through the exercises.  At least two of the PAX noted that they didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t what they got today.  YHC believes that boredom is the enemy of fitness, so it’s always good to mix things up.  Other items of note:

  • Double Bag was back and crushed it.
  • Ronnie suffered an injury while falling out of a tree.., but not on the F3 clock.
  • Saab did indeed abide through the whole thing.
  • Beware of alternative facts spread by Lab Rat on proper burpee form.
  • Kettlebell swing lessons are given on Thursdays at Circus Maximus.

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  1. Well played sir, well played…

    Toga taught me a valuable lesson today: Always choose kind and uplifting words towards others. Negativity and disparaging remarks will only come back to bite you in the ass, and shoulders, and arms…

  2. Nice one Toga. I am struggling to lift my arms up to the keyboard to enter this message (thanks Saab!).

    FYI – found my keys (AFTER making my wife get out of bed to let me in – not my smoothest move). Enjoyed coffee though.

  3. Nice Q, Toga. My own favorite was the concrete block. Wonderbra + block = Worrying each time I lifted the block that I was going to scrape my face. Luckily, my arms just gave out after a few reps.

    Tous canne had it right…one PAX suffers, we all suffer.

  4. Good workout this morning with such an odd assortment of weights it kept it interesting. I am also glad my partner didn’t drop his weights on me while I was flutter kicking.

    Perhaps Ronnie has a future as an arborist or getting cats out of trees. But who would get Ronnie out of the tree?

  5. I had no trouble getting out of the tree. It was the standing on the ladder part that I found challenging.