Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



A Pax of 14 showed up for Guppies virgin Q at The Creek.  At first, Guppy and Abacus were anxious that no one would show as there was only one car in the parking lot at 6:25.  But we start at 6:30 and not at 6:25. This is what transpired:

Mosey to the side parking lot


  • X27 SSHs
  • X54 LBCs
  • X27 Imperial Walkers
  • X54 LBCs
  • X10 / 5 / 10 / 5 Arm Circles


Guppy, being a runner, put together a Q that mixed some of his favorite exercises with some running. The run took us through Forest Lake on a 1.7 mile jaunt.  We cut through the pavilion and ran down Wyndale, took a left at Linderwood, followed that all around the lake and to the stop sign.  Took a left at Wynchwood and went back to the start of the run at Wyndale and the pavilion.  But oh! What about some favorites?  Don’t be disappointed, fun was had at each cone that was laid out on the course.  11 cones to be exact.  As the pax arrived at each cone they began that cone’s exercise.  Once the last runner arrived, the pax did 10 of the said exercise together.  Here are the 11 exercises:

  • Burpees
  • WW II Sit-ups
  • Squats
  • Crab Cakes (in cadence)
  • 6 inch holds (30 seconds)
  • Merkins
  • Freddie Mercuries (in cadence)
  • Kerioke (across the street)
  • 5 count Leg Crosses
  • Werkins
  • Jump Squats

Mosey back to the flag



Guppy was excited as a 4 year old before Christmas Morning for his first Q.  Planning was done to ensure a good solid beat down.  Warning was sent of FB to ensure the pax brought their running shoes.  Giving all who are connected on the social media addict house a clue of the 2 miles of running ahead of them.  Abacus laid out all the cones prior to waking up Guppy and picking up LP.  Feeling the coldness of the morning, an audible was called on Abacus’ attire.

Pulling in at 6:25 nervousness pulled on Guppy, for only Spit was there for his beat down from a 13 year old.  The flag was planted and the cars rolled in.  Mostly cars for 2 or more, bringing the Pax to 13.  Wild Thing joined us a few minutes late as he got caught in an especially intoxicating aroma in the fart sack. COP was a lesson in chewing bubble gum and patting your stomach at the same time.  Cadence, that is consistent, is tough.  Support was lent, as that is what we do in life.  We help support and ensure success of each member of the pax.  Given today is the 27th of January, Guppy had COP exercises consist of – – – 27s…  Mercy was asked for by the Pax, but the YHC laughed an eerie evil laugh and continued his punishment and counting.  However, mistakes were made and the pax missed out on 2 sets of exercises in COP.

Next the pax learned the plans of the YHC.  It was explained that the Pax would run to a cone do an exercise till the whole Pax arrived and then do 10 of said exercise together.  Then they would run to the next cone, repeat and enjoy ten more times…  Mumble chatter was high amongst the youngest of the Pax as they controlled the fate and suffering of the whole Pax.  YHC at the first cone also let the Pax know they will be responsible of clean up – – picking up and bringing each cone with them.

There was some outsiders that were confused and concerned as they saw 14 men doing all sorts of perplexing exercises.  Pace of one outsider, coming upon the pax in the middle of doing Crab Cakes, was definitely faster.


  •    May 21st Ashcreek 5K.  Sign up at ashcreek5k.com and sign up under the team F3RVA
  •    Thursday mornings – Come to the Shining and dive into the Bible with your fellow Pax members
  •    Kettle Bell workout on Thursday Morning – Meet at Rise and Shine at 5am do Circus Maximus and then be back for The Shining.
  •    New Mechanicsville A/O coming soon.


  1. You’re my boy, Guppy! Great job this morning…live and learn on the counting thing. It takes practice. It warms my heart to see you pull out the crab cakes, one of my fav’s as well. Proud that you stepped up to Q!

  2. Also, glad to see no issues of intestinal distress from the Q this morning. That would surely be reported in the bb, no?

  3. Sorry I missed it Guppy! Had to make the trek to NoVA this morning. Wish I had been there, ’cause running is top on my list of things to improve.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Well done Guppy. Kudos to you. Only the strongest can lead such a fine group of men, and by the content of the BB, you proved to be a leader. Keep stepping into the circle!

  5. Lots of love for Circus Maximus hear in the ‘Ville. Guppy was 100% this morning and led the Pax as we ran through the last few cones.

  6. Great job Gubby! It was nice to shake it up and get away from the church! Abacus thanks for jumping in for the assist when needed.

    See you in the gloom!

  7. Well done, Guppy! I wish that I could have been there but I was down in NC. I love seeing the next generation rising up in leadership.

  8. Great workout this morning Guppy! Enjoyed running through the Forest Lake Estates. I do wonder if neighborhood watch was contacted by the person who had their car warming up while we did karioke.