Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Mélange @ GridIron


A foggy morning greeted five of the GridIron Faithful who brought their KBs to the AO for a Three Period contest that went something like the following under a Tri-Q:


First Period (EW) —

Three sets of 2-hand KB Swings, right-hand cleans, left-hand cleans, right-hand snatches, and left-hand snatches (40 secs/20 secs off).

Eight sets of Curb KB Pullovers (Tabata 20 secs on/10 secs off).

Second Period (WD) —

Three sets of Dips, KB Goblet Squats, Merkins, and LBCs (alt. APDs) (40 secs on/20 secs off).

Pole Smokers and other

Third Period (Attila) —

Split into two teams – alternating KB Farmers’ Carries and LBCs, Crab Cakes, APDs, and IWs.

Four Corners – run and karaoke medley with Merkins, APDs, Monkey-Humpers, and LBCs.

Sudden Death —

x25 Curb KB Pullovers IC


Numbers & Names; announcements; division of duties: another Tri-Q next week with NightCrawler taking a Third for his VQ as a F3RVA RedWood. Closing Prayer by YHC – supplication for guidance, discernment, and wisdom.


Glad to have NightCrawler back in the fold – the FlyOver during COT impeached NC’s claim to have taken down all lawful fowl in the Old Dominion. In the Curb KB Pullovers NC found relief for his Buttstock-induced upper body pain. He dedicated himself to selling F3 as a tonic for other Elmer J. Fudds.

FlipPhone spoke what every KBer has asked at least once – exactly how does one avoid the KB wrist smack – consensus among the PAX: avoid the death grip. We’ll miss you next week while you’re away camping – hope you select better camping weekends than J’ville who seems partial to extreme cold, winds, and fire.

WD and Attila, as per the norm, verbally jousted for 60 minutes for the hearing pleasure of the GridIron audience. Attila thought he had the last word but WD finished strong – real STRONG.

Terrific workout this morning – thanks to all!

Solid 2F at Enstein’s.

Then sings my soul, My Savior, God, to Thee, How great thou art, How great thou art!


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