Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Complex Morning


14 (no, that’s not a typo) posted for what was written up as the “Nine Minute Complex from Hell.”  The hard working PAX made it look easy.., for the most part.


Warmup COP with failing bluetooth speaker: SSH, Good Mornings, Scapula Merkins, Scorpions, Don Quixote, Mtn Climbers, unweighted goblet squats

9 Minute Complex, under weight the entire time except swing burpees (that instruction is for Rosie)

One-Hand Swing x 10-15 ea. hand
One Arm Clean x 10-12 ea. hand
One Arm Snatch x 8-10 ea. hand
One Arm Clean and Press  8-10 ea. hand

Lunge x 10-12 ea. leg

Single Leg Deadlift x 10-12 ea. leg

Two Hand Swing x 15
Goblet Squat x 10-12
Push Press x 8-10 ea. hand

Swing Burpee x 10

2 minute rest while doing leg raises on the curb

Repeat 9 Min. Complex with 1 minute rest doing pull overs on curb

Circle up for “kb ring around the rosie” with two of the PAX completing 2 laps of farmers carry until everyone has completed the carries.  Flutter kicks to finish it off

COT: The Carpenter took us out

NMM: First and most importantly, prayers to Gumbo after the passing of his mom last night.  Having just been through this, the support of this group was huge for me, and I know everyone is there for Gumbo and his family.  Thoughts and prayers with them in the days ahead

Random/much less important stuff:

  • Great to see The Carpenter and Mud Face come in from Daville.
  • Rosie thought he could do the swing burpee without putting down the weight, but he decided against it.
  • JVille was rockin a super sexy bowhunter look with his new RealTree hat.
  • Doner Kebab and family may be departing our shores after tomorrow.., but then I guess we would need to build a wall around the Atlantic as well?
  • and Honey Do got fixated on one word in the exercise list that became a recurring theme.  Since Saab is an expert at junior high humor, I’ll let him figure out the word for the day.


  • CSAUP this Saturday
  • See Swirly if interested in Smokie Mtn Relay (4/21)
  • See Toga if interested in Rangar relay (4/28)

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  1. It is all about context Toga, your phrasing with said word was the equivalent of a mumblechatter bomb. Still heck of a workout.
    Continued prayers Gumbo.

  2. This workout makes me hurt in places I’ve never felt before. Hopefully that’s a result of using muscles I don’t normally use and I’m not injuring myself. Perhaps I should have started smaller, but it’s always more fun to swing a big one around.

  3. Great showing this morning, although I was sad to not see Saab’s name. The streak is over…

    Great work, guys!

  4. Great to be back in the gloom this morning with my F3 brothers. Thanks to all for the well wishes and notes of comfort. I truly appreciate the support.

    Now, if someone could have taken the swing-burped for me this morning, that would have been good too. I’m sore as hell.

    See you all in the gloom on Saturday!

  5. Way to punish us today, Toga. I’m proud that there were an equal number of PAX at both 45MOMM & Circus Maximus today. If you haven’t tried the KB workout, please feel welcome to join. If you plan on joining and need a KB, let us know…there are lots of extras within the ranks.

  6. Yes, you do. We can roll into Circus Maximus at 5:30 am and The Shining at 6:30 am (or 6:40 am like Mudface and I did this morning). That is all three F’s in one morning!! C’MON!!!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed my first time at Circus Maximus. It was a different kind of beat down and it definitely tricked my muscles. Mudface gets the credit for the idea of road tripping over to this AO. I have wanted to venture out to other ones and this was the first of many.

    I also now have ammo to fight off one of my friends who is into cross fit. I keep telling him that he is buying friends by paying for the workouts. He says that F3 is a bunch of women running around fields. He wouldn’t last 10 minutes at Dogpile. He also would have been smoked at today’s Circus Maximus.

    This is all great stuff and I am grateful to be part of the F3 team here in RVA. Thank you, Toga, for a glorious smash workout this morning.

  8. He lives in Alabama. Agony (Charlotte) knows him well too. If he is ever up here then I will make him meet his destiny with us…