Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Glory Debuts At Batteau


Six local warriors and one southern ally slayed the FS and laid claim at Batteau.

The Monday morning success habit went like this.

Old Glory is a benchmark workout that consists of the following:  1 mile warm up run. Complete a half mile loop with four exercise sets.  Complete one exercise at one of four equidistant spots.

The exercises are 20 merkins, 20 jump squats, 20 burpees, 20 WWII situps.

With the group starting at precisely 5:30am, the exercises begin at the completion of the warm up mile.  This is an AMRAP workout, so as many loops are completed as possible until 6:00am.  Once that time is met, complete a cool down mile and back to start.

5 Min of Mary – 50 IC LBC, 20 IC Freddy Mercury

Ring of Fire

Numberama, namerama, Swirly lead us out

Moleskin – YHC has had Old Glory on the calendar since doing this at No Toll a few months ago. This is a solid workout to start the week and a great way to measure progress.  Sippy Cup slayed this workout.  He completed the most loops and stations today with 3.75. There will be another Old Glory in the coming months.

Great to have Minecraft visiting from our friendly southern colleagues in Raleigh.

CSAUP is this weekend 1/21. Please cancel any plans you have for Saturday afternoon.  You will likely be useless.

Be super.



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  1. Q well done today, Hardywood. Nice change of pace for me to join you all at Batteau today.

    Old Glory is definitely a success habit. I have added it to my “F3 On The Road” list…likely to appear on St. Pete Beach later this week.

  2. Great work today, good Q Hardywood. That was not easy!

    Respect to Minecraft for posting on a weekend volleyball trip.

    Also, T-Claps to Sippy, Hardywood, and Swirly for lapping the stragglers!

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Old Glory baby – what a way to begin the week – great job pax ! Way to smack us right in the face Hardywood…
    See y’all in the gloom..

  4. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Love to see Old Glory making the rounds to different AO’s. It’s a killer. Well done, boys. JVille had added a page to the Google Sheets to track progress some time ago and I believe it’s still there. Very helpful.

  5. Looks like Batteau Old Glory might be tougher than NoToll. May need to create slope/handicap ratings for OG at each AO. I bet TYA would love to get on that spreadsheet…

  6. F’ing old glory! I forgot about that sumbitch. Hmmm, any of you coming to DaVille in the morning?!?

    Never mind, hard to do an Old Glory when your M and 2.3 team up to run over the shovel portion of the SF. Great call though, Hardywood.

    Speaking of which, somebody needs to sign up Loose Goose to the Q sheet so that the Johnny come lately’s (myself included) can experience a Lucky Horseshoe.