Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Miracle on the Hudson (er…James)


2 appeared in the dark today for the weekly trail run along the banks of the James River.  Other regulars who were absent today were TYA and Lab Rat, who were running the Willis Creek 35k.

Given Offshore’s time constraints, his plan started with a straight out and back run (30 minutes each way).  Plans were thwarted, however, when he chose to stick with YHC through the south side run to Forest Hill loop – thus adding about 20 minutes extra to his run.  Upon exiting the loop, Offshore and YHC parted company, with Offshore heading back on the South side, and YHC heading East to the ‘new bridge’ with a return on North side.

Respect to TYA and Lab Rat (and any others?) running the Willis River 35k today…a distance YHC could only cover these days if either chased by a ferocious animal, or if chasing a pair of well positioned tights (NOT TYA’s).

On this day in history, Sully Sullenberger flew his plane into a flock of unsuspecting birds…there were no survivors.

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  1. Enjoyed the run today offshore, and thanks for sticking with me through Forest Hill…it was great to have the company.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Missed being on the rva trails today. Willis creek was a good run. Perfect weather.

    Saab, thanks for the well wishes

  3. Enjoyed it Saab. My 2.0’s “fit bit” clocked me at 0.88 miles total. My heel begs to differ.

    The trails were empty this morning, though the parking lot was full when I got back. I heard Aisle 5 whispering in my ear as I ran up the last big hill.

    We thought the water would be high for the Willis Creek runners. I’ll be anxious to hear stories this week.

  4. Water was running clear and oh so cold, not near as high as you would think. Missed yall this morning, glad you two teamed up for what sounds like a great run. I have not been on the forest Hill Loop in what seems like forever.

    Now excuse me, I have to go hug my bottle of Aleve.