Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

32 Never Looked So Good!!


25 including 2 FNG’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed men storm the parking lot of New Highland to help YHC celebrate being another year older as well as the 1st birthday of his 2.0!! This is how it went down:

Short run around the parking lot to the back


  • SSH x32 IC
  • 1 min LBC’s
  • Don Quixotes x16 IC
  • 1 min cross arm LBC’s
  • American Hammers x32 IC
  • 1 min LBC’s
  • Crab Cakes x16 IC
  • 1 min cross arm LBC’s
  • Arm Circles x10 small x6 big reverso
  • 1 min LBC’s

You only get better with Age

Pax partners up. 1st partner runs around the church while 2nd partner completes exercise then switch. Exercises were as followings:

  • HRM (Hand Release Merkins) x 32
  • Copperhead Squats x 64
  • Flutters (2 count) x 96
  • LBC’s x 128

Mosey to the Shelter 

Complete the following:

  • 32 Dips
  • 32 Derkins
  • 32 Step Ups

Mosey back to the parking lot

12 Booyah! Merkins (in honor of YHC’s 2.0 daughter being 12 months old) x2

Mosey to the Flag

Ring of Fire (with 12 Merkins)


Carpenter took us out


YHC is another year older (and maybe wiser) this past Wednesday and he could think of a better way to celebrate than to Q at the Creek.

The PAX was strong today setting once again a new record of 25 at the The Creek. (Thanks to all PAX Members that did some EHing last night).

Things got started with an extra long COP. YHC turned 32 this past Wednesday and his 2.0 will be 1 on Saturday. With the LBC Challenge in full switch, it was necessary to get in as much as possible. The PAX  reluctantly agreed! To really work that core today, YHC ask that during two of the 5 minutes of LBC’s that the PAX alternate touching knees.

During the “You only get better with age” Emoji was see leaving the PAX for the wood. A lot of speculation on what really happen there. Only emoji would truly know.  Also between exercises the PAX would plank while waiting for the rest of the back. Abacus yelled out “we should be during LBC’s”. Your wish is YHC’s command!! A lot of groans were heard after that.

Welcome to Putt-Putt and Thumper. Glad you could join us today and hope to see you back each week.

Welcome also back to a few PAX members that seems to be hibernating during the colder morning. (Ratio, Suitcase, Grabber, Spare, Psycho, and I-Beam). YHC hold the rest was good and glad you came back to the PAX!!


  • CSAUP next Saturday 1/21 starting at DogPile at 6. Be sure to respond to Circle K’s Pre-Blast if you are planning to attend.
  • Remember “The Shining” (3rd F Workout) every Thursday 6:30 at Rise and Shine Diner




  1. Thank you Gentleman for posting this morning. As always it was a honor to lead you this morning!!

  2. 25?!? HELL yes! Great job this morning everybody, and Happy Birthday to Spit and Li’l Spit.

  3. Happy birthday Spit and Spit 2.0. Good looking beatdown. Well done continuing to drive huge numbers in The Ville.

    Next Friday that the kids are out of school, I will be posting to the Creek…

  4. Spit! Outstanding job today. You are emerging as a leader of your tribe and I can speak for everyone when I say we are damn lucky to have your energy and talents shared with us. Happy belated birthday to you and 2.0.

    Keep on EHing! Those of us who needed it most, were the hardest to get here. 25 is awesome, but it is just the beginning.

    Be Super.

  5. This morning was a beatdown party and we are all better for it. Thank you putting together a worthy workout, Spit! I am sensing the momentum building for a F3 explosion up here in Daville. I loved seeing all ages (8 – 60) working together to fight through the challenges. Let’s keep it rolling!

  6. Solid beatdown Spit! I loved seeing all the returning faces and share in the pain of the morning. Let’s keeping getting stronger and making real connections. The Carpenter is right, momentum is building – – King’s Men is coming…